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JetBlue May Move Corporate Jobs From Long Island City to Florida

JetBlue, headquartered in Long Island City, is evaluating whether to move its corporate offices out of Queens (Photo: Creative Commons)

March 17, 2021 By Allie Griffin

JetBlue is considering pulling its headquarters from Long Island City, where it’s been for roughly a decade, according to a new report.

The airline, which brands itself as “New York’s Hometown Airline,” has been headquartered in Queens since its founding in 1999.

JetBlue, however, may move jobs out of its Long Island City headquarters, located at 27-01 Queens Plaza North, to Florida, according to an internal memo obtained by the New York Post.

The company wrote in a March 11 memo to staffers that it is eyeing alternative options ahead of July 2023 when its lease in Long Island City is up, the Post reported.

Those options including sending corporate staff to the sunshine state, where the airline has a training center in Orlando and another headquarters in Fort Lauderdale–or moving into a different borough, according to the article.

Still, JetBlue didn’t rule out staying in Long Island City, where more than 1,300 employees are based.

JetBlue airplane (JetBlue)

“We are exploring a number of paths, including staying in Long Island City, moving to another space in New York City, and/or shifting a to-be-determined number of [headquarter] roles to existing support centers in Florida,” the memo said, according to the Post.

The company wrote that it has more leasing options, as vacancies have increased due to the pandemic and the role of a physical office will evolve in “a hybrid work environment.”

JetBlue has taken a financial hit from COVID-19, as the number of people who have traveled over the past year has plummeted. The potential to cut costs is a big factor in its lease decisions.

The airline said it plans to make a final decision on its headquarters later this year, according to the memo cited by the Post.

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer said that it would be a big loss for the borough if JetBlue were to move, although he noted that when it came to Long Island City 10 years ago the company was also considering a move to Florida. It had been in Kew Gardens prior to Long Island City.

“The company has gone through this before and they choose Long Island City so I am hoping they do so again,” he said. “They bring a lot of vitality to the area and I know they are proud of their Queens connection.”

Van Bramer did not say whether the city should offer tax incentives to keep the airline here, but noted it was in the borough’s interest to have them here.

“I think the city needs to keep them here,” he said. “We have to find out what they are looking for and go from there.”

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Cannot blame Jet Blue. Many deservedly leaving the terrible Democratic leadership thstbosvruonong NYC and. State. Namely Cuomo And DeBlasio andvthe Albany buffoons along with the Wacko NY City Council losers. All Socialist/ Communistsbloke theirvWash DC counterparts AOC and Schumer. All antibAmerican ProbIllegal Immigrant over citizen politicians.

Are those supposed to be words?

Like you said, Trump completely failed to get Mexico to make a “one-time payment” for a border wall, now our borders are not secure.


Yeah, the utter hypocrisy. He proudly opposed Amazon coming despite thousands of new jobs allegedly objecting to the “unjust” corporate tax breaks, but now he pleads for JetBlue to stay and is willing to accept tax breaks for them…

Be real

They realize that good workers are harder to come by in NYC since everyone with a clue and the option left town.


Las time our local officials actually had to make an effort to push out Amazon. This time they don’t have to do anything, JetBlue will probably just leave on their own. Easy job for our local officials.

Queens Resident

Make the business environment and tax regime more competitive. That way, the government doesn’t have to pick winners and losers and give tax breaks to big companies. NYC has made its bed, and now it must sleep in it. How many of us are pleased with how tax dollars are spent anyway? The tax burden on individuals is preposterous, yet the services government touts are mediocre at best. All they ask for is more money.


They do this every few years to extract new tax breaks from Cuomo and DeBlasio. And they usually get them!


If they treat JetBlue like they treated Amazon then JetBlue is leaving. Of course politicians are nothing but hypocrites. So there is still a chance they give tax incentives to stay.


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