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Is 5 Pointz worth preserving?

May 4, 2013 Staff Report

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5 pointz is one of the most spectacular places I have ever been to. The concept of taking an art form such as Graffiti, (something that is looked at the wrong way) and displaying the beautiful side of graffit. Allowing the artist to express themselves with a fresh wall and different color Montana cans. They show the souls and take risks that can only be done at 5 pointz. What fascinates me the most I have to add is that it’s a circle. Someone comes and expresses themselves like thousands before them, then a few weeks later, it get painted over so that someone else can come and express there art as well. Kind of like taking a Zen approach to something that is so hated on. The world needs 5 pointz because it is really something that can teach kids about life, rules, boundaries and most of all respect. Meres One, you are doing a SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!

Anthony Nieves

This place will lose all tourism and gain a few residential heads who will keep doing the same things over and over. The tourism is so unique in that area that it will be a true shame to see it go. Jerry your going to lose!

Chad Marra

This place is a cornerstone for the “creative side” of LIC that is PS1, 5Ptz, Space Womb, and a lot of other small spaces.

Rejuvenation with a “gameplan” for monetization (eg: perhaps small businesses/boutiques could utilize storefront space here) and NOT destruction is key.

Also an eyesore? Really? What’s going to replace it though? Likely a retail/commercial/industrial behemoth structure (that is a bleak gray building) which will be even worse!

5PTZ is neighborhood heritage. You don’t tear it down, you restore it.


I can’t believe there are so many folks that would call 5 Pointz an eye sore! I guess just another boring condo highrise will just blend into the backround of concrete and asphalt to provide the urban landscape they desire.

Stevie LOBO

This place has been an cultural icon for years, where artist can express their work without any legal repercussion.
It should remain as is for future generations to appreciate.


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