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Hunters Point South Ferry Landing Out of Service Again Due to “Extremely Low Tides”

NYC Ferry at Hunters Point South Landing (via NYC Ferry)

Aug. 17, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

The Hunters Point South Landing is out of service once more after coming back online from a recent outage.

Access to the landing has been cut off since Aug. 16 due to “extremely low tides”, according to a NYC Ferry alert.

East River vessels are instead being redirected to the Long Island City ferry landing until further notice.

The changing tides affect how a vessel navigates through the water, with tides on either extreme posing different issues to a ship. The National Oceanic Service, for example, says that for ships to navigate safely through shallow waters close attention needs to be paid to the time and height of the tides.

In addition, tide levels at the Newtown Creek have recently been recorded at higher and lower than average amounts. The Newtown Creek twitter account, for example, tweeted earlier today about a low tide 27 inches below its average level. “This is a really low one!” the tweet reads.

An EDC spokesperson told the LIC Post, however, that following recent repair work to the gangway, a tidal shift caused the barge to stick onto the landing’s piles.

“As such, we closed the Hunters Point South landing out of an abundance of caution,” the spokesperson said. “We’re working around the clock with our engineers to resolve the issue and reopen the landing as soon as possible.”

Some, however, expressed confusion over the recent outage to the landing for what appears to be integral part of the waterways.

“There are two low tides every day,” wrote one Twitter user. “This makes no sense.”

“You didn’t know about tides when you built the dock at Hunters Point?” asked another user.

One user said there’s already a solution to the tidal issue.

“Your regular reminder that we solved this issue 135 years ago by building bridges!” the Twitter user said.

The Hunters Point South Landing recently came online on Aug. 14—two days before the recent closure— after a 12-day loss of service due to repairs needed to the gangway.

Update 6/17 2:55 p.m. – Article updated with statement from EDC.

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Please close the Hunter’s Point South Landing at this location and rebuild, much more as at the far quieter, more secure (and deeper) Long Island City landing, that connects to Astoria, Wall Street, etc. The Long Island City Landing is all of four blocks away, at most. Perhaps it is time to close and reutilize the Hunters Point space. (The noisy bar atmosphere at this landing doesn’t abet a peaceful transit. What used to be a viewing platform is now an enclosed beer hall, complete with taps, sealed off dangerously, and a fire hazard.)


Subways and buses are not subject to low tides. Ferries can help but never replace buses and trains.

lol tide

I agree, this is why we need the BQX trolley. Glad to see another de Blasio fan in the comments!


lol tide—I am not a DeBlasio fan and I don’t agree with the BQX Trolley. I would rather see a extension of a train line to the airport. (Laguardia).

lol tide

So you support all of de Blasio’s ideas just not the person?

We can already take public transit to the airport. Extension of a train line can help but never replace trolleys.


To lol tide-EyeRoller is right it would benefit the developers. Are you real estate person ? DeBlasio is just about a Mayor as any place can get. He is a CROOK like the Governor and only cares who will grease his palm with cash. He was almost indicted in a campaign corruption scheme. The prosecutor just did not have enough evidence to indict. He never said he was innocent. He is a Socialist/Marxist. He made NYC an official Sanctuary City for Illegal Immigrants. I don’t agree with the majority of his ideas. He is for the rich not the working person.

lol tide

MRLIC- I think you have a crush on de Blasio but are afraid to admit it.

You helped developers benefit when you helped elect one president. Do you really think we’ll believe you don’t love luxury developers after that?!


You cannot honestly think the BQX light rail/trolley, whatever they want to call it, is an appropriate use of funds, can you? It does literally nothing in the line of helping commuters get in out out of Manhattan. The flow of people up and down the east bank of the East River serves nothing but the developers


What’s wrong with serving the developers?

I love luxury condo developers so much I voted for one for president!


You need to get a f***ing life, dude. What kind of satisfaction do you get continuously posting as someone else for nothing more than a troll job?


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