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Gov. Cuomo joins Hillary Clinton at LaGuardia Community College, signs bill bringing free college tuition to middle-income families

April 12, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation in Long Island City today that will make New York State public colleges free to families making up to $125,000 per year.

Cuomo signed the legislation, called the Excelsior Scholarship, at LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City today, marking the first program of its kind nationwide. Once fully enacted, the program will make free tuition available to 940,000 families in New York.

“By providing tuition-free college to thousands of middle class New Yorkers, we are restoring the promise of the American Dream for the next generation and forging a bold path forward of access and opportunity for the rest of the nation to follow,” Cuomo said. “With a college education now a necessity to succeed in today’s economy, I am proud to sign this first-in-the-nation legislation that will make college accessible, strengthen the middle class, and build a brighter future for all New Yorkers.”

The legislation will be phased in over the next three years, beginning this fall for families making up to $100,000 per year. In the fall of 2018 it will become available for those making up to $110,00 per year and by fall 2019 it will be fully available for families making $125,000 per year.

To take advantage of the program, students must be enrolled in school full time, averaging 30 credits per year, and must maintain a passing grade point average. Scholars taking advantage of the program will also be required to live and work in New York State for the same number of years that they received free tuition following their graduation.

“New York State has long been a pioneer in education. Taking this next step to make college tuition-free for hardworking families is the right thing to do, and the smart thing to do. I was proud to put this plan forward during my campaign, and I’m thrilled that it’s become a reality in New York,” said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who attended the bill signing today.

Signing legislation at LaGuardia Community College this morning



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why not make everything free!!?

The cap of 125,000 is middle class in NYC? Maybe in Buffalo, not here. Cuomo is clueless.

hang em high

great now I need to pay for my 2 kids and someone elses with higher taxes, brilliant idea

Now I am better off.

Me and my wife make a little too much to qualify for this “benefit”, even 125,000 is not that much to raise kids in NYC

Upstate NY where houses can still be had for around 100K, 125,000 may seem like a lot of money. Not in NYC, this doesnt help middle class. Just a burden that well have to pay for this with higher taxes



Hillary should feel right at home at LaGuardia CC with all the non-English Speakers there along with Governor (Corruption) Cuomo and his 408 jobs created with start up NY program and $53 million spent on it. Can you say abject failure? English is a 3rd or 4th Language in NYC and especially LAG CC. Remember we are a Sanctuary City thanks to DUmb O Crats and Mayor DumBlasio and M. Mark-Viverito the PR terrorist lover.


There are many jobs that can provide without a college degree. The money spent on these kids going to college to do keg stands while learning about microaggressiions and the secret history of 15th century sub Saharan tribes would be better spent on trade schools as an alternate pathway.


What? This is incredible,amazing. Too good to be true(?) I hope NY State can do this; there are more& more people who can’t afford college.

Veron Gunter

As a student at Lagcc I welcome the privilege that Governor Como and Mrs Hillary Clinton is going to give to so many low income Family’s in New York state who want to get a College education but are struggling to make ends meet. I am so proud to see the difference they are making in so many lives.


really now and how many more phony W-2 forms are going to be out there — people with cash businesses do this all of the time


@Veron Gunter: This bill doesn’t give you free tuition. There are stings attached and you have to pay it back. Besides anything free eventually becomes worthless.

The American Dream is to stop gov’t from spoon feeding you BS.

get outta NY while you can

two of the worst human beings on the planet, only to be outdone by the moron mayor. JVB a close fourth.
oh yea it’s free… no one has to pay for it.


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