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Gianaris Announces $30K In Funding For LIC-based Education Advocacy Group

State Sen. Gianaris announcing the funding yesterday (Senator Mike Gianaris)

July 10, 2019 Staff Report

State Sen. Mike Gianaris has announced that $30,000 of this year’s State budget will support a Long Island City-based educational advocacy group which serves as a resource for local families.

The Gantry Parents Association (GPA) is a group of parents working with and on behalf of parents in Court Square and Hunters Point.

The funding will be used to support the GPA’s new web presence as well as a series of community forums, helping parents in the area learn about issues impacting the school community.

Founded in 2015, the GPA acts as a central resource and information hub for parents in the LIC area and works to ensure that there are a sufficient number of seats in LIC schools.

Gianaris announced the funding yesterday during the “Summer Kids at the Landing” programming, which brings music and crafts to the LIC waterfront and is organized by the GPA and the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy.

“The Gantry Parent Association does critical work helping Long Island City’s parents and school community stay informed and engaged and I am proud to support their ongoing work,” said Gianaris.

Meghan Cirrito, chair of the GPA, said that Gianaris’ support of the organization was indicative of the important role education plays in the LIC community. She said that the future of the area would be determined by the thoughtful planning and roll-out of schools and educational opportunities.

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Looks like Giannaris is trying to buy some goodwill after his Amazon stunt. No deal.


There’s a word for what this is.


Why do my tax dollars go to support an education “advocacy” group that will advocate, primarily, for spending more of my tax dollars? Heck of a system.

The program works to ensure that there are a sufficient number of seats in LIC schools

So no quotes needed around advocacy. I know Trump “loves the poorly educated” but we don’t need to fear-monger about kids getting smarter.


LIC needs Giannaris.
LIC does not need a Conservancy that throws parties in support of the beer hall that’s leached onto a New York City public park, generates filth and destroys parks, and locks arms with pro-social groups to hide behind. Are those lights in NYC Parks trees? Illegal. Harmful tactic to increase the Landing’s beer hall nighttime party. Those planters are paid for by charitable contributions to the Conservancy. Used to decorate the Landing beer hall, on NYC Parks land.

LIC Direct

Need to vote this clown out of office and oppose Jimmy Van Bramer when he runs for Queens Borough President — need to send a strong message that we can’t be fooled and taken for granted. Enough already.


I changed my voter registration from independent to democrat just to vote against these clowns in the primary. Lets get them out together.

slither back to your den

Giannaris personifies the sleazy politician that he is. And for starters its not his personal 30K. its Tax payers money. Trying to worm his way back into the good books of his constituents that he stabbed in the back.

Yes that's obvious and how government spending works

> or starters its not his personal 30K

Lmao, ya think?! If you read the first sentence you’ll learn it’s “$30,000 of this year’s State budget.”


Unsurprising pander to the richest neighborhood in Giannaris’ district, given they have produced a challenger to his re-election and are upset at his position re: Amazon. How about supporting less affluent neighborhoods?

Because this was the “Summer Kids at the Landing” event

Makes sense to announce funding education at this event. Read the article to find out more!

I wonder why Trump lovers are against education?

Is it because he “loves the poorly educated?”


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