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Fourth Annual LIC Summit to Take Place Next Week

LIC Partnership event last year

June 12, 2017 By Jason Cohen

More than 300 leaders who work in the tech, real estate or corporate sector will join civic leaders for the fourth annual LIC Summit hosted by the Long Island City Partnership and Modern Spaces on June 20.

The program will take place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35th Ave., Long Island City.

The day-long forum explores issues affecting Long Island City and ones that will shape the neighborhood’s future.

The goal of the program is to explore how the community is unfolding with the influx of residents and businesses to the neighborhood, organizers said.

The summit will address issues such as what the opening of 10,000 residential units in 2017/18 will mean for the neighborhood; the growth of the retail sector with the new residents; and how LIC can accommodate more space for innovation, tech and biosciences.

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Does anyone know how it went- what ideas put forth,etc? LICPost, please do a followup- residents are the last to know,otherwise..


No one who actually lives here is included and the tickets are very expensive. Not sure why they are charging, should be open to the public. Plus, those of us who live and work in LIC and would like to attend, can’t, because we are working.


Considering how many of the community members are working people (I mean, how else could we afford to live here?) it would be nice if the event was held at a time that we could attend. A Tuesday from 8-2 is smack in the middle of many people’s work days, but maybe that was the point.


This is the place where the developers figure out how much more they want to build and make LIC like Manhattan and just for the wealthy. What about trying to figure out sensible building and transportation options along with safety options (Stop Signs etc..) some decent stores in the area, instead of building without thinking and crowding the streets and sidewalks along with the trains and buses.

Krishna Patel

If you look at the agenda, it looks like the program will discuss many of those items and that you would be a good person to attend and take part in the discussion.


It doesn’t matter which person from the community goes to listen or discuss, the real estate developers get to do whatever they want.


Another talkfest about OUR community- with too few speakers FROM our community.And the least expensive ticket is still too much for some of us..LIC Post please attend & perhaps post word of this event on your other sites; I hope some of the regular commenters get to go & share some insights.These leaders should be interested in speaking with & hearing perspectives of neighborhood residents new and old. Or at least pretend to. Hoping to read more about this. Have to check the local papers: has this been advertised much?


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