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First Ever ‘Haunted Factory’ In Paragon Paint Building To Close Out Halloween March

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Oct. 29, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

A scary surprise is waiting for Saturday’s Trick or Treat marchers at the Paragon Paint Factory.

The Paragon, located at 45-40 Vernon Blvd., will be the setting of the first ever Haunted Factory, presented by Gianna Cerbone-Teoli of Manducatis Rustica. The event is free, and will open to visitors once the Trick or Treat march winds down Vernon Boulevard.

Cerbone-Teoli launched the annual Halloween march a decade ago, and she used to host a haunted house within her restaurant.

After deciding to find a new location for the event, she started working with the Paragon owners to use the factory’s first floor.

“It’s going to be a fun, scary, exciting, haunted factory in the heart of Long Island City,” she said. “Plain and simple, all in good fun.”

The themes of the haunted factory will play on Long Island City’s history, “and the ghosts that are still wandering the streets,” she added. A handful of volunteers will help run the show from inside, with three levels of scariness for kids, teens and adults.

However, other than those details, Cerbone-Teoli declined to reveal many specifics about the event because she wants it to be a surprise for participants.

“You have to come and see,” she said. “We’re talking pretty scary.”

Cerbone-Teoli said she appreciated the opportunity to bring this new event to the Long Island City community.

“We’re using somebody’s property, somebody’s building, to do something fun for the kids,” she said. “It just keeps it at that community love, and the beauty of being in Long Island City.”

“You don’t get this anywhere else.”

The Trick or Treat march starts at 2 p.m. in front of the 108th Precinct,  5-47 50th Ave.

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carlos rosado

I Saw this picture of Paragon paint Factory
and it gave me a flash back I work there when i was 19year’s old back in 1981 was a great place to work. Im happy they used it for a event for Halloween.


Anybody has any idea what’s going on in the backyard of this derelict building? They are using extremely loud jackhammers until 9pm everyday. Cant believe nobody stopped them from violating the law!


I could not go in because my son was too young but I wish I was able to. Looked great. Thanks to Gianna for being a good corporate citizen!

LIC Mamma

I agree! Gianna is the best! Thanks for taking the time to do this and for everything you do for this community. I appreciate you! Ti voglio bene G!!

Anonymous visitor

Only on LIC Post are there sad, sad people who would bother to Dislike a comment about someone who organized a free neighborhood Halloween party for kids. I’ll bet it’s the same effed up people who made jokes on Facebook about the poor guy who committed suicide a few weeks ago.


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