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Family concert to be held Saturday in Hunters Point, a fundraiser for refugees

Crabhouse (Upstairs Gantry Loft)

March 22, 2017 Staff Report

Several local musicians are looking to raise money for a good cause through their music.

Long Island City-based children’s musicians Suzanna Bridges and Andy Jobe are hosting a family concert in Hunters Point Saturday to raise money to support the International Refugee Assistance Project, a group that provides legal assistance to refugees overseas.

The concert will run from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday at the Gantry Loft above the Crabhouse at 2-03 Borden Avenue for a suggested donation of $25 per family, with all proceeds going towards the IRAP.

“The idea for the concert was born out of the crazy time we are living in politically, and like a lot in of the community, we felt the need to do something to help but were at a loss as to what we could do individually to help people in the world and in our community,” Bridges explained.

“We thought it might be good to do something with a positive feel and come together to have a joyful experience in the name of a helping cause, and what’s more positive than a family concert with your kids,” she added.

The concert will feature two sets of songs by Bridges and Jobe, a married couple who have been working as a children’s musical duo for the past six years. The songs will be aimed at the whole family, and will include oldies, pop songs and a few Disney hits, Bridges said.

In between the sets, there will be performances by the SING LIC children’s choir and the “Jiggy Tots” toddler class from the McManus Irish Dance School.

There will also be a raffle with products and gift certificates donated by local businesses, and a bake sale with donated goods from the 51st Street Bakery and local parent contributions.

All proceeds from the event will go towards IRAP. “We wanted to pick a small organization that was doing a lot of good for those in need right now,” Bridges said.

She added that she hopes to continue to do similar events in the coming months and given the fast-changing political climate, would like to donate the funds each time to a cause that is under attack politically. She said that they might have an event that would raise money for PBS, which is in danger of losing funding under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget.

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Oh, spare me the sanctimony, you LIC Post commenters above.

It’s funny how the people complaining the most here about this benefit are probably tightwads who never contribute a penny themselves to “Americans in need” and always vote for the bastards in a certain political party who delight in screwing the needy, vets and other struggling people every chance they get. Talk about who is delivering “slaps in the face.”

If this couple wants to raise money for refugees, why should I care?


This is a slap in the face to the American people in need. Always so quick to jump and help others but forget their own people in the US.

silent majority

Wow cant find a Veterans organization to support? Domestic violence Center? St Jude’s Childrens hospital? Like the other poster said maybe try helping them first but that would not generate any newsworthy headlines right?


Why not sponsor an event that does just that and work with the LIC Post and other local publications to ensure the word gets out? I would imagine following through and taking your own advice would be beneficial to these causes and any others you feel passionately about. This event doesn’t preclude you from having your own.


How about helping Americans in need here vs non-Americans trying to get here? Even PBS is a better choice to support.


How much money have you donated in the past year in helping Americans in need, Frank?


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