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Elected officials to launch campaign calling on LIC residents to curb their dogs

Center Blvd.

Center Blvd.

Feb. 15, 2014 By Christian Murray

Elected officials are taking steps to help rid Long Island City of its dog poop problem.

Joe Conley, chairman of Community Board 2, said he has received numerous complaints from Hunters Point residents about the amount of dog poop that litters the sidewalks.

He said the community board is in the middle of composing a letter—that spells out the rules and regulations regarding dogs—and sending it to all the major building owners in the Center Boulevard and 5th Street area.

“We will be asking the building owners to notify their residents about the rules,” Conley said.

In the past, Conley said that he has worked with the Department of Sanitation to send agents to dog-poop trouble spots and tickets were issued.  He said he does not have plans to do that yet, but may have to if people’s behavior doesn’t change.

Meanwhile, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has plans to promote a public awareness campaign in Hunters Point through school children.

Van Bramer said he will be holding a “curb your dog” poster competition—where children learn that dog owners are required by law to pick up after their dog and how it’s the considerate thing to do.

Van Bramer said the campaign was started at PS 150 in Sunnyside after several teachers and parents complained about there being too much dog poop in streets surrounding that school.  Hundreds of children participated in producing a poster and the best one was placed in store windows across Sunnyside.

Van Bramer said the campaign was effective. “I’ve been told by teachers that the streets are noticeably better,” he said.

Winning poster in Sunnyside in 2013

Winning poster in Sunnyside in 2013




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“In the past, Conley said that he has worked with the Department of Sanitation to send agents to dog-poop trouble spots and tickets were issued.”

Please send in the undercover agents to ticket people. The only way to resolve this issue is to hit people in the wallet. Astoria needs this too.


It doesn’t seem like our politicians have much power. Still no library, still no street signs, dog crap everywhere, no mta service on weekends, no enforcement of any rules, dirty streets – and many more people on the way.

People are letting their dogs pee on the no-dog peeing signs, saw it with my own 2 eyes. Only vigilante action will solve anything.

Native NYC

How about we start to shame them. If you see someone not cleaning up after their dog take a photo and send it to licpost or twitter #licpooper maybe they will start a wall of shame. I’m sure they don’t want to be outed by their neighbors. Sanitation agents are nowhere to be found and probably won’t be doing anything anytime soon.

Anthony D

Yes, there is a huge problem with irresponsible owners not cleaning up after their dogs. This is disgusting and a health concern.

What about our dirty streets? Don’t our local politicians and other residents understand this is a major health concern as well? Dog poop is not acceptable but dirty streets are?

It’s easier for the local pols to go after the easy issues (starting a dog poop campaign) as opposed to taking a stand and not backing down from the major issues.

I guess it all depends on what the famous sound engineer on CB2 wants. If he can shut down businesses, why can’t he have our streets cleaned and stop the MTA while he’s at it?


Why don’t you guys set up a committee to stand guard over the worst places and tell people they have to clean up. You want a problem solved, solve it. Don’t try to make someone else solve it for you.

I’ll be you are too damn scared to say what you mean to people on the street. No one is going to do it for you, so shut your whiney traps.

The city has more important issues to tackle than your pet peeves!


If the problem is as severe as the politicians are claiming it to be, why would Conley not consider using sanitation agents right now to start ticketing?

As for the poster competition, I’m pretty sure the dog owners would let their pets crap on those too if given the chance.

Ticket the offenders. Humiliate them. Scream at them. Chase them down the streets. Force feed them their dog’s crap. Anything short of these options isn’t going to work.


I agree with the person that said Jimmy Van Bramer is just trying to make news again. Jimmy should be out there showing everyone how to scoop up dog shit instead of having poster campaigns on it. He doesn’t need to be around children drawing pictures surely theirs other things for him to do.
This guy spends more time on useless shit than on helping the local business owners getting killed by the city in fines and taxes.

In a perfect world...

When dog owners leave their dog’s mess, it’s like a big F*** you to every one. Something really needs to be done. It is simply disgusting.


The poster campaign was effective for a couple of months in Sunnyside, but the summer came, school let out, and the sidewalk dog feces situation regressed to worse than ever, particular on the streets near-by the new dog park.

Maddy Roman

All of LIC is being invaded! Ever since the residential building went up on 29th street between Queens Plaza North and 41st Ave we see dog poop everywhere!!! Fines need to handed out!!!

Celtic Bark

Headline is misleading. Curbing your dog is not enough. You have to pick up after your dog. That’s been the law since Koch was in office.


Just another way for JVB to be in the news everyday. LIC won’t see a sanitation enforcement agent anytime soon , they are doing 12 hours of snow removal duty till the snow is gone, so this article is a mute point till then. Yet another failure for the law breaking councilman.


The neighborhood is drowning in poop. You cannot walk a straight line from one end of the block to the other. I find the worst area to be from 48th Ave all the way north along 5th street and the parallel blocks on Center Blvd. It literally is everywhere!! A poster campaign will not work. They school tried that a few years ago and dog owners allowed their dogs to defecate right on the trees they were mounted on. The only thing that will work is a fine, preferably an on-the-spot fine.


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