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Dog Center and Cheese Store to Open at Jackson Park Early 2020

(Queens Post)

Sept. 30, 2019. By Shane O’Brien

A cheese store and a dog center are set to open at the newly constructed Jackson Park building on Jackson Avenue early next year.

Canine Retreat by the American Kennel Club and Murray’s Cheese both confirmed that they will open early 2020 at Jackson Park, a three-tower, multi-use skyscraper located between 28-30 and 28-40 Jackson Ave.

Canine Retreat will open its first Queens location when it comes to Jackson Park. The dog daycare center will operate a street-level location and will employ roughly 15 staff, according to a spokesperson for the company.

The new location will be about 3,000 square feet and will be capable of catering for up to 60 dogs.

Canine Retreat operates six locations in Manhattan and the Long Island City location will offer the same services, including dog daycare, 24-hour care, grooming, training, walking and jogging.

The company’s spokesperson said that Long Island City was chosen since there is strong demand for high-quality pet care. The apartment buildings in Jackson Park are also very dog friendly, according to the spokesperson.

(Queens Post)

Murray’s Cheese, meanwhile, will also open its first Long Island City store just a few doors down from Canine Retreat.

The company, founded in Greenwich Village in 1940 by Murray Greenberg, currently has three brick and mortar locations. It has a retail store at 254 Bleecker St., a restaurant at 264 Bleecker St. and a retail operation in Grand Central Station.

The new location will be split between a cheese store and a full-service restaurant. The store will sell cheese, wine, beer and specialty food products.

A spokesperson for Murray’s cheese said last October that the restaurant component will consist of about 50 seats and will offer fast-casual items such as sandwiches, burgers and salads like its restaurant on Bleecker Street. The company plans to be open from 7 a.m. through midnight each day,

The company also has an existing presence in Long Island City. It has its cheese caves—to age the cheese–and its central offices at 25-19 Borden Ave.

The company distributes its product to more than 650 restaurants and stores nationwide from its Borden Avenue location. It’s e-commerce business is based there, too.

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Yannick Jadot for President

I hope this Murray’s Cheese plan is not a scam, they were already supposed to open in the Falchi building a few years ago and it never happened, leaving this place pretty much empty, dark and dreary. Otherwise I really wonder why people want to leave in buildings that sit along super busy, noisy and polluted roads that lead to a bridge that is so often congested. Their kids will be asthmatic ad they will have cancer. This place badly needs greenery, all of Queens should be inspired by Sunnyside Gardens.


Trump is not the only Real Estate Developer in this Sanctuary City for illegals of New York. Why can’t you get that through your thick head. This what is wrong with New Yorkers, brainwashed by Dumb o Crats and Socialism/Communism. We are heading the way of California a Wacko state full of illegals and homeless Americans. n Calif. Illegals get Public Housing over citizens. In NYC There was a bill to help Illegals over poor NYers and Veterans. Shameful.


This is all BS . WHERE are REAL STORES. Most neighborhoods have some decently priced Fast food stores. Lucky Pizza at Queens Plaa would be nearest to me in Court Square area since development took Domino’s away and the Subway Sandwich Store. The Inkan Restaurant we tried and got a Piece of chicken that one or two bites is gone and I counted the 12 French Fries for $8.50. Mr. Won Ton gives you much more for less. Anywhere but Vernon Blvd where rents cause stores to close in 6 months then another one pens and then another closes. Now they are digging up Jackson Ave. Noise past 10 pm at night into the am. The street on Both sides of LIC Court House need paving. Look like war zones. At east 18 years since last paved. NYC is a Joke. LIC is a Joke. Do not believe in wht the REAL ESTATE PEOPLE sell you. rents for businesses are too high for stores , unless they are HIGH END Stores. Transit is overtaxed also,


call your counsel person Jimmy Van Brammer he should be able to help you – NOT – he could care less and for the streets go to 7 on your side they do great work and will put JVB to shame.

I agree, real estate developers like Trump are bad for our city

It’s a shame you voted him into office.

Everything you say has no meaning now. What a sad hypocrite.


I have to say, Murray’s Cheese is awesome. I agree about the real stores though. Any time I see the brokers walking on the streets with potential buyers or renters, I always want to stop them and say- “Go anywhere else. LIC doesn’t have what you need, unless you only need a luxury apartment.”


Everyone I know has a family and cooks at home in their full kitchens. Restaurants for my family are for special occasions and are generally expected to be a clean, enjoyable experience that I am willing to pay a little more for. I like to see an A Grade on the window… free of mouse terds and cockroaches… where the meat stays at the right temperature and the employees wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, have you looked in the bathrooms off some of your favorite spots? Nasty. You would eat there?


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