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Desi Bowl on Vernon Blvd Introduces New Menu, Now Offers Burgers, Sandwiches and Additional Indian Fare

Tikka masala bowl

Nov. 30, 2018, Sponsored Story

The owner of an Indian restaurant that opened on Vernon Boulevard earlier this year has expanded the menu to include even more dining options for customers.

Desi Bowl, located at 49-11 Vernon Blvd., will now be offering burgers, sandwiches and additional Indian fare.

“I’m adding new dishes that are not seen in most Indian restaurants,” said proprietor Sabiha Uddin.

The menu now features eight new burgers and sandwiches, such as the Naga Morich chicken burger, Tikka Masala sandwich, and half-pound lamb and beef burgers.

New food items, including mango chili chicken, are available for diners to choose from when creating custom-designed Indian food combinations known as “desibowls” which the eatery is named after.

“With desibowls, customers can choose from a number of different bases, and then choose their fillings and toppings to design their own meal,” Uddin said.

Items on offer include white basmati rice, paratha, chicken tikka masala, vegetable curry, beef keema, chickpea salad, chopped jalapenos, guacamole, green sauce, mango garlic chili sauce and more,

The goal, Uddin added, is to use the vast array of spices and ingredients found in Indian culture to create new and flavorful dishes.

“Since our opening, we’ve explored new ways to use Indian spices and ingredients to their full potential,” Uddin said. “Now we want to push the boundaries even further by experimenting with different sandwich options and even new desibowls.”

One new desibowl that can be ordered is the loaded fries bowl made with mango chili chicken on a bed of crispy french fries, or falafels and veggie pakoras for those who wish to avoid meat.

Smoothie Menu (Click to Enlarge)

“I like to consider ourselves a one-stop shop, with vegan, vegetarian and even kid-friendly meal options,” Uddin said.

For refreshments, protein shakes and extensive smoothie options are available, including the Avo-Fruity, a smoothie comprised of avocado, blueberry, banana and spinach, the Island Breeze, made with papaya, banana, pineapple and soymilk, and the Power Up, which features spinach, apple, celery, cucumber, kale and soymilk.

A full breakfast menu is also available from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. which includes over 20 different breakfast items to choose from such as egg-white vegetable omelettes, blueberry pancakes, home fries, over half a dozen types of bagels, sandwiches and more.

Readers can visit Desi Bowl’s GrubHub page to order online or visit the location to place take-out or dine-in orders.

Hours of operation are  9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

Available fillings and toppings at Desi Bowl (Instagram)

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I haven’t been yet myself…but Adda has tremendous reviews. Can’t wait to try


So why don’t you do it and watch the cash roll in if you’re so sure of it…?

Still Waiting

Because I have never cooked Indian food and am not in the restaurant business. I have a desk job that pays well and am not looking to take risk in an industry that I have never worked in. I guess if you asked Gary Sanchez why he batted .186 last year, he’d say “so you try to hit a 97 mph fastball.” #AllTalk #Typical #Frankenfood


If you’re not willing to take the plunge don’t tell other people of the great things they’ll find at the bottom of the pit.

I am in fact a former restaurant owner who did take a risk, operating a successful business and in turn selling it for at a profit.

Don’t criticize what Desi Bowl is doing when you’re not willing to do something better. That’s the way I look at it. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, however posting it on blogs is the not the way to go when you’re not willing to take the massive risk this young lady who owns the restaurant has taken.



I don’t understand your position. I’m entitled to my opinion but cannot express it online? Only restauranteurs can opine on or critique restaurants? That’s ridiculous, as are hashtags. This isn’t Twitter.

I hope you never opine on politics, sports or mysic since you aren’t a politician, professional athlete or musician.

Stating facts

They do have your typical Indian food as well, along with that you can to tacos, burritos and other stuff. Maybe we all shouldn’t give crap to people we haven’t even tried.


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