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Deliveryman Accused of Stealing $90K Worth of Cake from Long Island City Bakery

Photo: LadyM

Sept. 9, 2019 By Allie Griffin

A Long Island City-based gourmet bakery has accused a former deliveryman of stealing more than 1,000 cakes with a value of nearly $90,000.

Lady M Confections, located at 9-08 43rd Rd., filed suit against David Lliviganay, 32, in Queens County court Sept. 3 claiming that its deliveryman stole about 1,020 cakes between November 2018 and February 2019 worth $89,250.

The bakery, according to the complaint, first learned of the theft in December 2018 when it saw its designer cakes being resold by unauthorized sellers for cheaper prices than its own. Lady M cakes typically retail for between $50 and $90. 

The bakery then checked its inventory and discovered that many of its cakes were missing. The company then conducted an investigation and saw Lliviganay on surveillance video carrying large bags out of its freezers several times in the middle of the night.

Photo: LadyM

The suit alleges Lliviganay did this more than 30 times throughout the four-month period, often sneaking into the factory around 2 a.m. and leaving with bags of suspected stolen cakes. 

In January, he stole 357 cakes worth a total of $31,238, the suit alleges. 

The bakery reported the alleged theft to police and terminated Lliviganay’s employment, according to the suit. Lliviganay had worked for the bakery for two years.

In July, Lliviganay pleaded guilty to petit larceny, a misdemeanor. 

Lady M is now seeking monetary damages. It wants Lliviganay to compensate it for the stolen cakes, plus interest and litigation expenses. The bakery also wants to recoup the wages he was paid during the period of the alleged theft. 


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This is a just another example of how capitalism works in this country. These stories about this “David” is another way Lady M is getting their advertisement. I love how all the sources that covered his case such as the NYT and NY Post, mostly talked about how “delicious” and Oprah known these grotesque and overpriced cakes are. And on top of that, they tag their instagram profiles and show their vomit looking cakes. This is commercial for them. I personally had the chocolate diced cake myself and honestly, I would prefer the Baskin Robbin one over Lady M any day of the week including holidays. It’s just funny to see how this privileged and wealthy company, that sells their plain looking ass cakes for $90, wants to attack this delivery guy and ruin his reputation over an amount of money they can easily make in a matter of weeks and maybe even days. This is just another example of the rich exploiting the poor 🙂


“The company then conducted an investigation and saw Lliviganay on surveillance video carrying large bags out of its freezers several times in the middle of the night.” Soooooo…all the $90 cakes are frozen? Like those Sara Lee cakes at the supermarket?


Seems like a pretty good business if somebody can steal $1000 worth of cakes per day and the owners don’t much notice.
Crazy that the DA offered the criminal misdemeanor petit larceny rather than a felony which would have given him at least some jail time. No doubt David Lliviganay is back out on the streets planning his next rip off.


Ups that is BAD marketing
I thought their cakes are made daily and you have to order them in advance since they need time to make them and also supplies are limited. Now I guess why you have to order 2 days before
For them to be delivered from “storage”… Patetic!!!


So the cakes are worth less than 9 bucks each but retail for $50 to $90? That’s some markup. I think I need to get into the cake biz.


OK. I was planning to visit this bakery, but a google map photo shows only a desolate warehouse at your provided address. Is this a public bakery?

Duh Yo

You serious!? This is where all those fancy cakes actually get baked. It is not a retail storefront. Check their site.


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