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Daycare and Preschool Opening in Hunters Point This Summer

Bunny Hill’s upcoming location at 47-28 11th St. (Google Maps)

March 12, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

A new daycare and preschool center is heading to Long Island City.

Bunny Hill, the name of the center, will open at 47-28 11th St. in the summer months, according to Leah Tong, its founder.

The center will start with a summer camp in July, and will begin to offer a Pre-K curriculum in September.

The center, which serves children ages 2 to 5, offers language immersion, cooking, arts and crafts, dance, and science classes. Classes are divided by age, and are split between a morning and midday schedule, and an afternoon section that goes until 6 p.m.

The cooking classes are hands on, and involve “visiting” different countries in the kitchen and preparing foods like dumplings, yogurt dip, and pie. The program will also teach table etiquette and kitchen safety.

The arts and crafts classes focus on self expression using a wide range of mediums and materials, while the “Little Einstein Discovery” course teaches topics in earth science and biology like ocean habitats, the planet, and the five senses.

For the dance and yoga classes, children will dance to ballet, musical theatre, and hip-hop onstage using props like puppets, toys, and costumes.

The afternoon curriculum features a language class, which Tong is still working to finalize for the upcoming Long Island City location. From Spanish, Mandarin, and French, the center will offer at least two of these languages.

Students who enroll into Pre-K at Bunny Hill, once the DOE grants the center a license, will follow the agency’s curriculum, while other students will stick to Bunny Hill’s own private curriculum.

Tong, a certified teacher with a master’s in human resources, opened her first Bunny Hill location in Brooklyn five years ago. The Long Island City location is her third center. “I’m trying to combine what I learned about education and human resources and trying to put it into one,” Tong said of her center’s mission.

The Bunny Hill founder said Long Island City, where she resides, called her attention after noticing the number of growing families in the neighborhood in need of a day care and Pre-K location nearby.

Pricing is done monthly or annually, but exact figures are still being worked on, Tong said.

For more information, including open houses set to take place next month, visit Bunny Hill’s website.

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