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Court Square Park cleanup scheduled for Sept. 16

Sept. 6, 2017 By Tara Law

Members of a Long Island City civic group are gathering on Saturday, September 16 to clean up and beautify Court Square Park.

The Court Square Civic Association, which was formed at the end of 2015 to represent residents, is hosting the event, called “It’s My Park Day.” The event will begin at 9:30 a.m. and everyone is encouraged to participate.

“We see Court Square Park becoming a central hub for our neighborhood,” wrote Pedro Gomez, Vice President of Court Square Civic Association in an email. “Green/public space is limited in our neighborhood and we want to make our current spaces more attractive for folks to use.

The association, since its formation, has been calling on city officials to find ways to add more greenspace to the Court Square area.

Volunteers are invited to help plant and clean the park. The event will also hold a “peace flag” crafting workshop. The flags will be installed in the park.

Pantry Market Eatery, which opened at 24-20 Jackson Avenue earlier this year, will supply free refreshments.

Court Square Park is located next to the Long Island City Courthouse.

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obsessed with symmetry

good to know – the photographer is an amatuer obviously! No real photographer would do such a thing. Have you ever seen the Taj Mahal a little from the left.


Looks like a drive by photo shoot. You can even see some glare from the car window in the picture.
Next time drive slower and roll down the window.


I would come and participate in this event as a new resident of the Hayden. BUT! The owner and GM of pantry market eatery felt the need to spread their hate for gay people and yelled some homophobic remarks at my partner and I as we walked by their store front on Saturday. Their hatred show not be included in this event that represents the residents of LIC.


This sounds like total BS. You can’t just throw allegations like that around, that is pretty irresponsible. See everyone there. Pretty sad that someone would smear them, seems like JMCA has axe to grind.


WSDUDE you have no idea what you are talking about. You can think what you want. I have no axe to grind. I have no reason to call these men out for nothing. They are homophobic, they did so this. Believe what you want. I really don’t care about your opinion.


This is just a baseless claim. No proof. How do you even know it was an employee or the owner? What was said? You still can’t answer that


This is ludicrous. The GM and all owners of Pantry are nothing short of friendly, kind and courteous. Being part of the community I feel very confident that the GM and/or owner would not have made any such remarks. I cannot wait to get my free refreshments at the park clean-up. Hope to see everyone there!


All this talk of “community” is amusing. You have one guy that moved into a luxury building just recently, and another business that just opened up, and which is run by guys that aren’t from the area.

Chef Jhonathan

I highly doubt such a thing happened. I’m the Chief Chef Consultant for Pantry Market Eatery, and I am an openly gay chef and my bosses and staff have more than supported me for who I am. The owners have no hatred towards the LGBTQ community, and I can be sure to attest to that. At Pantry we do not tolerate hatred of any kind, everyone is treated equally and as ONE. Our owners, management, and staff work to provide a welcome space to all employees and patrons of our establishment.


Now you know what they really thank about you and say behind your back. They can deny and lie about it all they want. It happened!

Pantry Market Eatery


We wanted to immediately address your very concerning post. We hold all members of the community in the highest regard, and would not do anything to proliferate the type of hateful speech and attitude that you are referencing in your post. Indeed, our head chef and friend is a member of the LGBTQA community, and could attest to the inclusive environment for all that Pantry takes great pride in fostering.

That said, we would also be remiss if we did not point out what appears to be some factual inconsistencies in your statement, that may reduce this entire episode to a case of mistaken attribution. Specifically, the owner and management of Pantry that was on sight on Saturday can attest to the fact that no member of Pantry uttered these remarks in front of them, nor were any management of Pantry confronted by you or any other individual regarding a statement by an employee. It seems to us that this highly unfortunate and inappropriate incident may have been brought about by someone completely unaffiliated with Pantry’s management. Regardless of the source, however, we stand by you in condemning this type of activity.

We look forward to proudly serving the LGBTQA and local community with the utmost respect, and to the best of our abilities, and we would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you face-to-face to, among other things, assure you that no member of Pantry’s management was the source of the statements you reference, nor did they support the statements you reference.


I’m not surprised that you’re denying and lying about this incident. I expected you to. This did happen! Your GM and owner are homophobic. I have no motive to Slam a newly opened restaurant for no reason. I am disgusted with your actions and response. I am a chef and would never do or say what your employee and owner did. You could not even write a personal massage to me, copied and pasted your generic statement that you posted to the reviews that other people posted about your homophobic business. As for having a gay employee, they now know what your really think about them.


Can you be so sure it was the owner and the GM? I would imagine if you knew who the owner was you have eaten here before. Have you received this sort of treatment before or you are claiming the owner randomly and unprovoked yelled a slur at you?

Enough Already

$50 says that jmca owns a competing business or is yet another troll begging to be fed. Jmca expects a personal message, but does not give an email address. Put up or shut up, jmca: post your email address or go hide your lying a** back under a rock where it belongs.


You owe me $50 bucks. I don’t own or work in a business anywhere near that place. I did send the restaurant a private message days ago, I’m not surprised they have not responded. Can’t face me because they are lying. By the way you are the one trolling here, nothing better to do with your time? You must be good friends with these people, your comments are just as nasty. Go get a life.

Court Sq. Resident

Even IF this actually happened, I still don’t see why you wouldn’t participate in the event. The Pantry does not own the park. Feel free to skip the refreshments!


People are too sensitive and delicate today. Actions should speak louder then words, not the other way around.


Seriously. After being asked multiple times what was said, no one gets a response. JMCA asks us all to stay out of it, yet she is airing her grievances on a public forum. If this is a private matter, work it out privately, If you want public attention, answer the questions. No one is going to support your boycotting of this place without context.


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