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Court Square Library to be open Saturdays, starting Sept. 10


Aug. 18, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer announced today that the Court Square Library will now be open six days per week, adding hours on Saturdays in addition to the standard Monday through Friday hours.

These extra hours are possible thanks to the $43 million in baseline funding for the three city library systems that was added to the city budget this year.

The Court Square Library will be open on Saturday for the first time on September 10, said Queens Library CEO Dennis Walcott. “It’s the right thing to do for the community, especially at the beginning of the new school year.”

Van Bramer said that Court Square is one of the fastest growing areas in Queens, and that the community deserves six day library service.

“It’s an acknowledgement that the growth here in the Court Square area demands even more presence, even more accessibility for this library,” Van Bramer said. He added that the Queens Library system is amazing, but could always be improved, pointing to the new Saturday hours as an example.

Van Bramer said that it is through the energy and passion of volunteers and library members that these types of changes can happen.

Meghan Cirrito, president of the Friends of Court Square Library,  brought her son Owen up to the podium with her, and said that she remembers bringing him to story time at the Court Square branch soon after he was born five years ago. She said that she is amazed to see the improvements from then to now, citing last year’s renovation of the Court Square branch and the Saturday hours.

Walcott had high praise for Van Bramer claiming the councilman “has been a great advocate on behalf of the libraries, and has been putting not just his mouth there, but his money there over and over again.”

Van Bramer is known as an advocate for libraries, having worked for the Queens Public Library for 11 years before he was elected. He is very involved in the new Hunters Point Library, slated to open next spring.

The Mobile Library, parked by Gantry Plaza State Park at Center Boulevard and 48th Avenue on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., will continue to operate in addition to the extended Court Square library hours.


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How lame is it that there’s so little to do in our neighborhood that people would hang out in a library on Saturday night


I don’t know that it’s lame to pick up a book or DVD on a Saturday since that’s when most people have some free time to run errands and explore the neighborhood. Don’t like it? Check out ebooks instead!


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