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Corcoran Opens Long Island City Office, Its First in Queens

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at new LIC Corcoran Office | Photo Courtesy of The Corcoran Group

Aug. 2, 2019 By Allie Griffin

Real estate giant the Corcoran Group opened its first office in the borough Wednesday, joining the other big firms looking to capitalize on Long Island City’s real estate boom.

“The growth of the Long Island City residential market has been phenomenal,” said Corcoran President and CEO Pamela Liebman. “Opening an office there was a strategic decision to enable Corcoran agents to best serve their clients looking for LIC homes and to support our agents in responding to growing buyer demand.”

Corcoran’s new office at 47-34 Vernon Blvd joins a stretch of big real estate firms that have opened on the block in recent years. Douglas Elliman, Modern Spaces, Nest Seekers and Halstead are all a few steps away from Corcoran’s new office space.

Despite the fall-out from the failed Amazon deal, last year 340 condominiums sold in Long Island City, according to Liebman. She credited the neighborhood’s “spectacular views of Manhattan” as part of the appeal drawing buyers in.

“LIC is a thriving neighborhood. Its easy access to Manhattan and the lifestyle it offers as a dynamic cultural community with a diverse culinary scene make it a highly desirable neighborhood,” Liebman said.

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Welcome, Corcoran!
We’re not all luddites here. Development done the right way will be wonderful – it will bring in youthful talent, enhance our parks and will bring on things like good restaurants.
I don’t understand why those who only value cheap rent, don’t just move to the South Bronx. If we don’t allow progress, that is exactly the direction LIC will go.
Once again, WELCOME!


Problem is it isn’t done the right way here in LIC!! Just over priced high rises and not the other things that a neighborhood needs, like schools, open green spaces, infrastructure such as sewers, and real retail, not real estate offices.


Exactly- it COULD have been done the right way, but that’s long gone. LIC is so overdeveloped it’s sad. Not a real neighborhood at all, so much is lacking.


I welcome Corcoran as well! Trump supports his fellow real estate developers, and so do I!


They are only about 12years too late to the dance…. to read the hype you would think they discovered plutonium…. i’ve got news for you LIC started happening 15+ years ago and now is topping out and spilling over. Corcoran and its subsidiaries spent more time focussing on brooklyn. Following the crowd doesn’t make you a leader. Corcoran is too late to the dance


Our Mayor gives the homeless expensive hotel rooms to sleep in.
Your tax dollars at work.

Greg Bryant

This is just the aftermath from the Amazon deal announcement. A lot of real estate companies bought offices near the site before the deal fell apart. Lol.


What’s goin’ on?? I thought no Amazon then no more development. NOT!!!!! Now all you locals will have to pack up and leave to make room for the millennial’s working for Google and Amazon in Manhattan. Oh, and by the way, no jobs for you!!! Thank you JVB, AOC, and Gianaris for stopping Amazon but keep padding your pockets with political donations from developers


Great news. I love luxury real estate developers so much, I voted for one for president!


Yeah right, more over crowding, the real estate developers over built it’s almost impossible to see Manhattan, unless you live near the east River.

LIC Resident

I’m still waiting for the overcrowding. LIC seems so empty… where are all the people?


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