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Condos in new Court Square building hit the market

March 24, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

Real estate brokers began selling luxury condos in a near-complete 22-unit building in Court Square today.

The condos, which are part of a new development called The Decker, are located at 21-10 44th Drive, with 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments ranging in price from $685,000 to $1.525 million. Modern Spaces is selling the units.

The new building is slated for completion in September, and will bring homes in to an area that has been largely commercial until now.

“We’re seeing a shift in the area best known for the Citigroup Building. Several new residential projects, including The Decker, are offsetting the commercial office buildings that originally brought people into Court Square,” said Eric Benaim, CEO of Modern Spaces. “The Decker is providing in-demand residential inventory for the area, which we expect will only increase in popularity.”

The new eight-story red brick building, named in tribute to the former Newtown Creek Towing Company and its tugboat, the W.O. Decker, will offer owners many amenities that have come to be standard in luxury buildings.

Residents will have access to a virtual doorman, a resident’s lounge, a landscaped outdoor space complete with barbeque grills and patio furniture, a recreation room with a pool table and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

The apartments themselves will have all modern appliances and natural oak flooring.

The Decker is one of many new residential buildings opening in Long Island City this year, with as many as 9,000 residential units slated to hit the market in 2017, according to data from the LIC Partnership.


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MisterCharlie, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out supply and demand. MTA is clueless and a bloated organization. The Real Estate guy who couldn’t think ahead about the city not planning for the crush on the line and Hudson yards area is a liar, As I said these ruthless Real Estate Developers and salesman will say anything you want to hear until they have your money. NYC is in for a rude awakening as is our area especially because of poor planning. This is why I and even newcomers to LIC don’t want all this STUPID High Rise Development along with the 64 hotels planned for the area, I will always be against overdevelopment and poor planning as you should.


To no—Developers don’t care who buys their overpriced Luxury Condos as you stated. Developers don’t have to care. Politicians do however, and hey don’t. I always blame Jimmy No Brainer, DumBlasio and as Frank calls her Carolyn Baloney (Maloney).


More interesting than the Affordable vs Luxury argument:

– Are the buyers aware they will be adjacent to a future homeless shelter?
– How good other than access to key foods / subway is this sublocation?
– Views of what???
– Finishes and amenities pretty meh. State of the art gym? What a treadmill and some dumbbells?
– Probably doesn’t have 421a abatement. They conveniently leave the taxes off the street-easy listing making the carrying cost look more attractive then reality.

I give the project a 5/10. I think it’s overpriced and you would do better buying a well located resale avoiding transfer tax and other sponsor nonsense.


oar, King Bloomberg used the term “Mixed Use’ it was just another way of covering up what his rezoning was really going to, build all these LUXURY BUILDINGS . His Dream was a city for the rich only. He got it with the EDC and Christine Quinn, Bloomy’s lapdog. Quinn lost her Political career letting Bloomy “BUY”hi 3rd term.


Hey Eric Benaim, people have lived here for a long time! I’d rather have the businesses that occupied the warehouse buildings that were on the sites than these luxury buildings. They were only 2 stories high and didn’t block the sunlight and sky. Buildings that provided jobs are being sold and torn down for these luxury buildings. I don’t understand how in an area that is zoned for mixed use, a building that is commercial is allowed to be sold and replaced by a Luxury high rise.


Turns out highest and best use for land 1 stop from Manhattan isn’t a warehouse?

Or are you contending that the building being constructed aren’t following the zoning laws?


Thomas Buckley, I have stated his before. Some don’t believe me on he LICPOST site. Developers gear these Luxury condos/apts to the young professionals who can afford them, SOME not all are Yuppies/Hipsters and YES Mister Charlie SOME are Trust Fund Babies. NO, I don’t know these the TF babies as he suggested I do. The AFFORDABLE HOUSING BS you read from DumBlasio and Jimmy NO Brainer is just what I and others have said, BS. They will moan about needing it but do nothing about procuring it. What scares me the most about LIC’s future besides the HIGH RENTS is the serious LACK OF NEIGHBORHOOD PLANNING. (Over crowded 7 Trains and other lines that run through LIC. Traffic increases, lack of Schools and Green space, lack f shopping whether food or otherwise.


actually, only 53% of condos in LIC are owner occupied, which means 47% are either investment, or owners are not presently living there.
So, they target whoever has the money….doesn’t necessarily mean they are going after yuppies.
Modern Spaces, who sells nearly all of the condos here, and Elliman will let anyone with the cash or means buy these.
They DO NOT care what happens to this neighborhood


Why should they? Are they supposed to be neighborhood curators?

Who are these people they should be keeping out?

Who should be let in?


More “LUXURY CONDOS” . Where is the “AFFORDABLE HOUSING”? Who is DumBlasio and all the other Politicians who say they are not in the pockets of he Real Estate Developers? Now you know again why there is a affordable housing shortage.

Only you can protect your communty

To stop the grotesque sell-out of Jimmy Van Bramer to the real estate developers LIC residence need to get involved and safe their community. If that is something you want to do the contact Historic Districts Council:


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