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Community Board rejects Station LIC’s plan for sidewalk seating, asks for new plan

Station LIC and bike racks

Station LIC and bike racks

June 7, 2015 By Christian Murray

It’s back to the drawing board for Station LIC, a bar/restaurant that opened at 1037 Jackson Ave. last November.

Community Board 2 rejected its sidewalk seating application that sought 16 tables and 32 seats. It told co-owner Gregory Okshteyn to come up with a new plan.

The problem arose when the board discovered that there were bicycle racks outside the establishment that had been placed there by the city. The plan that had been filed by Station LIC made no mention of the racks.

The board—following Department of Consumer Affairs’ rules—said that the bicycle racks would block a clear pathway for pedestrians should there be outdoor seating. It said that pedestrians need at least 8 feet of clear space.

Furthermore, the DCA requires that there is a clear path of at least 8 feet from bicycle racks.

Okshetyn assured the board that he would revise the plan quickly.

Several members of the board suggested that the application be approved subject to an amended plan.

However, Pat O’Brien, chairman of the board, said it was important that the board see the revised plan before it makes a decision. He said the board should not approve something without seeing it first.

The problem, however, for Okshteyn was that the board takes off the summer months and will not reconvene until September—delaying his revised application.

The board, however, agreed to allow Station LIC to revise its plan and submit it to the “executive committee” who will review it during the summer break. That way it will speed up the process.

Meanwhile, other LIC establishments had no problem get their sidewalk seating applications approved.

Bareburger’s application for 20 tables and 40 seats was approved; so too was Riverview’s application for 12 tables and 48 seats; as well as Bella Via’s application (renewal) for  17 tables and 48 seats.


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I saw the words “double stroller” and my brain freaked out and I automatically hit dislike. Then I continued reading and that’s when I realized that yet again, I’m the jerk. I tried to take my “Dislike” back when I finished and turn it into a “Like.” No such luck. So, just so you know, you have at least one “Like,” even if the counter say otherwise. My bad. And, yes, just moving the bike racks.

Astoria Resident

You dislike double strollers Anonymous or just people who have children in general? Why would you tell the poster that you freaked out when you saw ‘double stroller’? Further, why does your generation care so much about whether or not a perfect stranger “likes” you? How juvenile. Hit all the “dislike” buttons you want to for me. I couldn’t care less because I’m a grown up.


I used a lot those bike racks, also I have a new born baby and a 1 and 1/2 old daughter so I use a double stroller so I need a lot of space in the sidewalk to maneuver it, having said that I have to admit that I don’t give a f.. about that, just move those bike racks and allow the outside sitting, right now!!!


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