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City Sanitation Worker Arrested for Choking E-Scooter Rider in LIC: NYPD

Sept. 17, 2019 By Allie Griffin

An off-duty New York City sanitation worker was arrested Tuesday morning after allegedly choking an E-scooter rider who he believed was taking advantage of his son, according to various reports.

Patrick Molfetto, 46, allegedly knocked a 37-year-old rider off his bike and engaged in “hand-to-hand” combat on Crescent Street near 41st Avenue in Long Island City at 8:49 a.m.

Molfetto went after the victim after his teenage son said that he had tried to take advantage of him, according to the New York Post.

Molfetto allegedly choked the victim, according to police.

The victim was transported to Mount Sinai Queens in stable condition, police said.

Molfetto was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing, assault and harassment.

Police said that the investigation into the altercation is ongoing. The New York Post said that police are also investigating Molfetto’s allegations that the victim had taken advantage of his son.

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Do you mean, “took advantage of him” as in “Dad he never pays for lunch!” Or “took advantage of him” as in “Dad he makes me play with his balls!”


Most people in this website will side with the Sanitation worker/Truck/Car driver even if the news comes out that he was at fault. So many Bicycle haters in this group, it’s hysterical!!

Johnny WeedSeed

1) Most of the hate is directed towards delivery riders who usually flaunt the law (eg going through red lights) and are riding e bikes
2) e bikes are particularly dangerous in the sense that they are much heavier than a bike and traveling at a much faster velocity. So if they crash with a person it will be a much worse accident than a crash with a regular bike
3) As a daily bike rider and someone who lives 2 blocks from this incident, I can testify to the crazy e bike riders in our neighborhood. There are a number of dangerous riders here to use the QB bridge. Not all of them are delivery people either.

Curtis blow

Im siding with the hardworking DSNY worker rather than the twerp on the e bike who most likely doesn’t work and is a thorn in a landlords back.

Harry Bingham IV

This is clearly a true New Yorker from the old-school that is protecting his family. You “Millennials” wouldn’t know anything about that since all you do is pretend dogs and cats are your children while being too self-centered to have actual children. If you actually procreated, you would know where this guy is coming from.


Millennials don’t want to have children because they’re self-centered? Why would one want to spend 99% of their time raising a kid when they have just finished school or just started on their career? There is no set age for when people should be having kids, just because you wanted to spend your life on raising kids doesn’t mean everyone else should.

Ever think that its expensive as hell to have kids?


I was there. The details provided by the police who arrived long after the fact are laughable. Such misinformation in this story


What does the perpetrators profession have to do with anything?
What does the type of scooter being operated have to do with anything?


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