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City completes Shady Park repairs, trees to arrive this fall

Shady Park reopens

Shady Park reopens

Aug. 31, 2013 By Christian Murray

The Parks Department reopened Andrews Grove/Shady Park in its entirety Wednesday–the first time since superstorm Sandy struck last October.

Andrews Grove/Shady Park, a popular playground on 49th Ave (btwn Vernon Blvd. and 5th Street) was battered during last year’s storm when eight 50 foot trees were uprooted, resulting in the concrete being torn and the children’s play area being decimated.

A section of the park reopened in December. However, a major section of the playground remained closed until Wednesday.

The Parks Department, however, has not replaced the trees at this point. The trees are expected to be replanted this fall.

The park was one of the most popular areas in the neighborhood since parents liked to take their young children there because of the shade it provided.

Ever since the storm, residents have been calling for 20-30 foot trees to replace the old ones.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has said in recent months that he wants taller trees to be planted to help bring back the character of the park. However, he said, the parks department has a limited budget and tall trees cost more.

The councilman, however, has been able to find additional funds elsewhere. “We have secured $10,000 in private funding from Jet Blue and Warner Brothers, “ Van Bramer said earlier this year, to go toward the replanting.

A ribbon cutting celebrating the reopening of the park is expected to occur during the first week in September.



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This park isn’t actually named Shady Park, you know.

And taller trees have a higher mortality rate. I forgot the exact number, but it’s pretty bad, like 50-70% that don’t make it long term compared to younger trees. So we buy the bigger/older trees, they die, and we have to get new ones then.

Waste of money, IMO.


I’m really glad to see Warner Brothers contributing to this. This is exactly the kind of project that the film studios should be asked (and expected) to answer the call for. Our ‘hood gets displaced more often than most for outdoor filming lately, so I think ponying up for the occasional storm rehab or beautification project is not too much to ask.


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