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Chinese restaurant New City Kitchen renews lease stays in business

New city

March 3, 2015 By Christian Murray

The owners of the Chinese restaurant on Vernon Blvd have been able to negotiate a short-term lease and will remain in business for the foreseeable future.

New City Kitchen Express, located at 47-31 Vernon Blvd, will continue to operate for at least three years as the owners were able to negotiate a three year lease.

In September Jennifer Cheng, whose family owns New City Kitchen, said that the restaurant was closing since the family was unwilling to pay the $10,500 month rent and $200 in monthly taxes that was being asked. However, after having signs in the window stating it was closing, the family struck a deal about two months ago.

The Cheng family has run the Chinese restaurant for the past 7 years. About 50% of the restaurant’s business comes through deliveries.  New City Kitchen is one of the few inexpensive Chinese restaurants in the area.

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Ok, so we gave this place a shot. I am all for supporting local (non-chain) businesses, but I am pretty bummed that I supported this one – greasy, gross and really not worth it.

chinese in LIC

im Chinese and agree this place sucks and needs to be replaced by a cleaner, better tasting, take out spot. just saying

will try

Also never been, my go to is in Greenpoint – Shanghai Lee – soo yummy (and they deliver!).

Will give it a shot, was glad to see the sign that they got to stay! Never want the greedy landlords to win out


Good to hear they extended their lease! I personally haven’t eaten there yet but I’ll try it! My go to Is Fortune Cookie on 21st street. Sunrise Chinese Restaurant in Astoria is good, on 33rd and Broadway


Who cares if it’s family run if the food tastes like garbage and the store looks dirty.


the food sucks at this place you must be a transplant

im very happy now go fuck yourself james


nice folks. food’s hit or miss, but for the price, can’t complain.

glad they’re staying around.

same w/ fortune cookie. they do some dishes really well… but the new $20 min delivery policy is BS.

might as well get a delicious pork chop sammy and a small glass noodle soup from cyclo, and you still come up under $20.


Great news. A lovely, family run business survives.

@Mike–What a sad person you must be. My condolences.


There’s also Fortune Cookie that reopened on 21st Street & 44th Drive. Very good and reasonable.


I love cheap chinese. I want like fortune cookie so badly-it’s across the street. And people rave about it here and on yelp. But time and time again, it proves to be the worst cheap chinese food I have eaten in NYC. Tastes unclean, bland and like it’s cooked in old dirty laundry water. I just don’t get it.


Broadway Chinese in Astoria (seamless), is as good as anything for cheap unhealthy awesome chinese


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