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Chase Bank branch on Queens Plaza North robbed Thursday, fourth time robbers have struck the bank this year

Police on the scene yesterday (Photo Source: Richard Madrid)

Aug. 11, 2017 By Jason Cohen

The Chase Bank branch on Queens Plaza North was robbed yet again on Thursday, the fourth time it has been targeted this year.

The incident comes about two weeks after a man brandishing gun robbed the bank of $10,000. It was robbed in January and a man attempted to rob the branch in February.

In yesterday’s incident, the cops made an arrest.

Freddy McGrew, 51, entered the bank at 25-15 Queens Plaza North, at 9:50 a.m. and handed a teller a note demanding money. The teller complied and handed McGrew $800 before he fled on foot.

Officers apprehended him about a block away at Crescent Street and Queens Plaza North. He was charged with robbery and is due in court Aug. 24.

The bank has become a soft target for thieves.

In January a man handed over a note to a teller demanding money and made off with $1,000. Meanwhile in February, another criminal handed a teller a note, but the teller did not comply.

Last month a man with a gun came, handed over a note and fled with $10,000.

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It is easy money. Don’t even need a weapon. Just put your hand in your pocket, hand a teller a note and walk away with $1,000-$10,000 in cash. Worst case scenario, you get a couple years.


The FAKE MRLIC wrote the August 11,1:44 pm post about Jimmy Van Lamer stealing from the public. To Useyourwords you were not speaking to he REAL MRLIC.


Thank Mr. DumBlasio and all his idiotic, liberal followers letting despicable citizens get away with “petty” crimes.

Native New Yorker

I’d hardly consider this a petty crime but I’m sure you’d prefer armed bank guards getting into shootouts with bank robbers, right there in the bank lobby. These things don’t play out like in the movies.


No, but stop and frisk and zero tolerance policing certainly seemed to work, or, at least, the lack thereof coupled with the demonization of the police is resulting in an uptick in crime.


Does anyone think the Riker’s Island bus stop across the street has anything to do with the frequency of robberies at that branch?


Have the police question Jimmy Van LAMER?!! He’s stolen millions from the tax payers for worthless things like education.


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