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Burglars break into Vernon Wine & Liquor and raid ATM

Vanessa Conway

Vanessa Conway

Source (Vanessa Conway)

Source (Vanessa Conway)

April 30, By Christian Murray

Two men broke into Vernon Wine & Liquor last Thursday and raided the ATM machine.

Vanessa Conway, the store manager, said the men used a crow bar to get through the front door and only managed to get their hands on $60.

“They went straight for the ATM and luckily for us we hadn’t filled it up,” Conway said. Surprisingly, she said, the men did not steal any of the liquor sitting on the shelves.

“I guess they freaked out when all our alarms went off, and so they took off out of the store,” she said. “They were very bold doing this, with the police [precinct] located around the corner.”

Conway said that there was some video footage that the police were reviewing. However, it was from the cameras placed inside. “The men spray painted the outdoor cameras before they broke in,” she said.

Police precinct captain Brian Hennessy confirmed the burglary at last night’s community affairs meeting in Sunnyside. He said that the incident was an isolated case and that there hadn’t been any other burglaries like this in Hunters Point recently.

Hennessy said that burglaries—both residential and commercial—had declined throughout the precinct—which covers LIC, Sunnyside & Woodside–in the past month.

Eleven had been reported in April, compared to 17 to the same period in 2013.

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Cory business owner

I can see how this can happen. Tonight I had to call 911 twice because of an irate woman that has been a constant problem to my restaurant and never had any police even arrive at all. They sent an FDNY ambulance with two guys talking to me and my employee like we bothered them and walked out. No police ever showed up at all.
We had a similar problem months ago and no response no show as we’ll. I’m at greenpoint ave but this precinct is absolutely a waste of time.

Vanessa Conway

Anon, thank you. It is very easy for people to hide behind a computer. Notice, I’m not hiding. I’m at the shop a lot.


Funny. But I’m just having visions of the former owner of that liquor store back in the late 70s and early 80s and how he would have handled this a-hole poster Finally.

Trust me, Finally wouldn’t be able to type out his idiotic posts on this blog for very long. Ah, how I miss the old ‘hood sometimes.



I know it is hateful and rude and yes, I did have a great day. Thank you for your blessing.

The store is still overpriced, though.


At least they still take up a majority of the parking spots around the precinct and on down on 5th street!


The 108th is probably the only element of old LIC that has remained completely unchanged with gentrification of the neighborhood.

They are as irrelevant, invisible and ineffective today as they were 40 years ago.

Time's Up

Well, for anyone who merely suspected the 108 is a joke – here’s your definitive proof.

Amazing how cars can get vandalized and businesses burglarized within view and earshot of a police precinct.

They’re fuckin useless.


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