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Brooklyn restaurant’s attempt to drum up LIC business gets mixed reaction

Ria Bella

Ria Bella

Jan. 28, 2015 By Christian Murray

A Brooklyn pizzeria is looking to take a bite out of Long Island City.

Residents of Hunters Point were mailed some promotional material earlier this month from a Greenpoint pizzeria that is looking to gobble up Long Island City market share.

The promotion—put out by Ria Bella (1049 Manhattan Avenue) –offers 20% off any delivery from western Queens residents.

The reception to the mailer so far has been mixed. Some residents welcome other eateries coming to Long Island City to compete. Others view it as poaching.

“I think [Ria Bella] is trying to reach out to the growing population in Long Island City,” said Jeremy Rosenberg, a 22-year-old resident and student with the CUNY School of Law.

“I like that businesses from other neighborhoods – and boroughs – are reaching out to me…but I hope that this does not crowd out new, local businesses from potentially opening up in LIC.”

However, one Long Island City business owner said that many Vernon Boulevard restaurants are finding it tough and outside competition just makes their situation worse.

Meanwhile, two residents were quick to point out that several Brooklyn eateries had crossed the Pulaski Bridge to reach Long Island City residents. Furthermore, this goes both way.

Tom Blaze, who opened the pizzeria Linizio on Vernon Boulevard in July, said that he was not concerned about Ria Bella’s campaign.

“As a resident of LIC for the past 50 years, I think it’s great that there are more varieties of restaurants to choose from,” Blaze said.

Other residents encouraged competition.

“When I first moved to LIC, I definitely didn’t look far past Vernon Blvd for dining options, so I appreciate a business in another borough reaching out,” said Jon Lechliter, a resident on Center Boulevard, who was happy to welcome the alternative.

Frank Sorrentino, the owner, said that Long Island City residents are starting to respond to his mailers.

“We have had a lot of orders from LIC since [our mailers went out]. After all, the average delivery time to Hunters Point is 25-30 minutes.”

Note: Ria Bella advertises with this site

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want good pizza without all the nonsense

try Italy pizza on Manhattan avenue

old school nyc pizza

not that brick oven nouveau bullshit

800 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 383-9079


MY regular Chinese delivery comes from greenpoint. My favorite pizza delivery comes from Sunnyside. Great to see more businesses reaching out and offering to make a bigger trek to bring us food! Used to be that we would go walk the streets of Greenpoint collecting take out menus and begging them to extend their delivery zones over the pulaski.

Ditto to what those above me said as well, if you cant take the competition… get out of the kitchen


“one Long Island City business owner said that many Vernon Boulevard restaurants are finding it tough and outside competition just makes their situation worse.”

If you make a great, quality product then you don’t need to worry about competition! People want good food and service. They’ll go where they need to get it.

Time's Up

What a bizarre article. But kudos for disclosing that Ria Bella advertises on this site.

What’s the fake controversy about? These guys were smart for placing their menus in mailboxes and I wound up getting delivery from them because of it. And they were great, so I’ve since ordered again. It won’t stop me from getting Bella Via though.

“However, one Long Island City business owner said that many Vernon Boulevard restaurants are finding it tough and outside competition just makes their situation worse.”

Who? If they want business, all they have to do is up their game. The Pulaski Bridge is not a threat to them if they give us good food without gouging us.


I’ve been to Ria Bella and the pizza is very good. Their prices are comparable to L’inizio on Vernon, they aren’t trying to undercut anybody’s business. And if they want to deliver to LIC, what’s the problem? I’m glad that there are finally some choices around LIC.


Good! I don’t see the big deal, deliveries
From green point is not s new thing!
I’ve had a pizzeria/restaurant deliver to me by Jackson ave. I wish Polito’s pizza delivered from Astoria! Best pizza

Lisa Valone

I order from here over the weekend. The pizza is perfection. Fast Delivery Looking forward to trying other dishes from there as well, heard the meatballs are amazing.


Umm, I think that is Bella Via.

Greenpoint has been delivering to LIC for many years. Casanova for 20 or so years, and the Chinese restaurant for as long I can remember, also Key Food delivers, just to name a few.


Wow…another eye-talian Pizza Restaurant to choose from.
How creative.

And the title: Ria Bella ….its like Via Bella but in Greenpoint?

No worries.

Matt Redwee

I ordered from them the other night and the pizza was amazing. Fast delivery and great service

Time's Up

What a bizarre article.

Kudos for mentioning that they advertise on this site. But this sounds like an extended advertisement.

Greenpoint restaurants have been delivering to HP for years. I’d guess since the construction of the Pulaski or the first delivery restaurant, whichever came second.

HP lacks great delivery options. The more the better. I was happy to get their menu mailed to me. I’ve gotten delivery twice and both times it was very good.

Why the fake controversy?

Pasty McTransplant

Oh god. What’s next? Businesses from Sunnyside or Astoria delivering to LIC? We must be confined to the mediocre delivery options we have!

If your delivery man is willing to make the trek, and the food arrives hot, I don’t care if it’s coming from mars.


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