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Bowling Alley To Open In LIC

Site of future bowling alley

Site of future bowling alley (Photo: QueensPost)

Nov. 3, 2015 Christian Murray

A bowling alley will be opening in Hunters Point, about half a block away from LIC Bar.

The alley will be located at 10-22 46th Ave., on a site that was previously used for manufacturing.

This will be the only bowling venue in Long Island City, with residents who are interested in bowling often having to go to Brooklyn, Manhattan or Astoria.

Nikitas Drakotos, the owner of the 46th Avenue property, said the alley is likely to open in about six months and will be run by an operator with other bowling venues in the city. He was unable to say which one.

The 15,000-square-foot site is currently being converted into the alley, which will come with an eatery.

Drakotos filed for a building permit for the alley on Oct. 22.

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Is this something that is actually still going to happen? Haven’t heard any new information since March 2016!


Let’s hope they keep people with special needs in mind, some examples are wheelchair accessible as well as bumper guards and bowling bowl guides.
Perhaps a FAMILY fun time as well. Lanes available on NON League days?


New York city public swimming pool. Best for every age group, winter or summer. Indoor please. Most city pools come with a weight, running, etc. gym, public access to the showers (ahem, homeless SHOULD be able to apply, no?).
And listen up…why is Queens, especially western Queens the least serviced with public year-round pools? Huh?
Count ’em!


I hope they get the latest bowling equipment in, including good software that has dynamic packages like the card games for strikes, etc. Can make for some really fun league dynamics.

Also, please keep the undesirables out, like the ghetto people! A reasonable league price of 20/week or so would be fine. Once it starts going over that, it becomes unattractive.


No thanks, no one wants a movie theater in LIC. There are a needs for the area which are a lot more important than that.


Hopefully a bowling alley that gives exclusive time to real bowling not just another glow in the dark spill soda on the approach bowling alley! If it’s like how they destroyed 34th avenue bowl then I will not go!


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