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Beer Hall coming to Jackson Ave. this summer

Future beer hall location

Future beer hall location

Jan. 30, 2014 By Christian Murray

A beer hall is expected to open this summer on Jackson Avenue.

The beer hall is going to be located at 1223 Jackson Avenue, which is currently the empty space that used to be “Sports Bar.”

Two workers who were doing interior work at the location said the beer hall should open in about six months.

In other news, the Shannon Pot reopened this week after closing its space next to the 5 Pointz earlier this month.

The bar is now located at 21-59 44th Drive.

The bar was previously located on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Davis Street. However, the owner was forced to move as the building is set to be demolished along with a number of neighboring warehouses.

The warehouses include the 5 Pointz graffiti building.

Shannon Pot re-opened in new location this week

Shannon Pot re-opened in new location this week

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Anonymous visitor

The place is a spinoff Radegast Hall, Pilsner House, Houston Beer Hall and pretty much the entire Jirka Kolar interiors team of builders, apprentices, and the other places cooks and managers has been nipped by this Wall Street hedge fund financier as a retribution to a Beer Garden initial idea and friendship gone wrong. The owners are Czecho/Slovakian, all the labor there is illegal, including the GC. The designer is a young academic artist about 31 years old. There has been a butchering of labor, architects, designers, and the violations of that structure deserves nothing more then a wrecking ball! Its already delayed by a year so maybe another one more will get the place maybe opened..

i know more

August 18th – still no application pending with the SLA. Maybe you bit off a little more than you could chew trying to get Toby’s building up to code and your designs approved by the Building Department. Best of luck over there.

I know what I'm doing

Don’t worry folks we are indeed building a Bier Hall in LIC only in the way of bringing community, great food along with great beer and drink together. We take pride in what we will be bringing you, we are professional and we guarantee it will be different than anything you have seen before. See you all soon.

ramen place

the ramen place is okay, the food is slightly different.

Unfortunately, the venue is crawling with rats and roaches.


“”I saw the owners of this place at Alobar a few months back. They were taking pictures of the interior, the food, the drink menu, and taking notes.””

If that is the extent of the owners vision this place is doomed.

All LIC restaurants feel like this. Someone saw a place they liked, photographed it and then sort of made it look like that and served mediocre food and drink off a menu that looked good to them in the past and see what happens.

If you want to open a great beer hall you should be visiting and developing relationships with the top microbreweries in the states or likewise for Germany or Belgium. You should already have a vision for something new and exciting based on a personal passion for great beer.

Look at the new ramen place. It is very detailed perfected execution of a specific idea. It is a hit and it is quality. That’s what makes NYC great.

We are New Yorkers, we do not want a “sports bar” or a “beer hall”
We want something better.


New Shannon pot is real cozy and cool!
Much better than Davis street location.
Former Jackson Ave Steakhouse was much
Better thsn the sports bar by far!
No comparison.

Kevin LIC

Back in the 80’s it was called Joe Imp’s. The best prime rib deal in Queens. The entire NY Mets team would meet there after home games and chill out. There is actually a street named after Joe in LIC. It would be nice if it returned to the old glory! Beer hall sounds like Sports Bar.


I had gone to space when it was steakhouse, awesome interior space with nice bar, fireplace, etc, but food was just god awful. Never been to “Sports Bar” had a creepy “from Dusk till Dawn” feel to it.


Really, what was the deal with that Sports Bar? Was that even a real place? I passed it several times on foot and couldn’t figure it out. LIC Post, care to do an investigation?

Who in their right mind opens a bar in the middle of NYC and names it “Sports Bar?” How does that happen? That’s like opening a restaurant and naming it “Restaurant.”

Has anyone actually gone in there?


A beer hall would be a great addition to that stretch. I was hoping that would be the case.
Does anyone know who is behind it? Doing they own existing establishments?


The Jackson Avenue Steakhouse was great and was at that location for years and years, then they sold it.

Hopefully the prices will be more “Hunters Point South’ than Rockrose/TF Cornerstone.

LIC Resident2

I saw the owners of this place at Alobar a few months back. They were taking pictures of the interior, the food, the drink menu, and taking notes.

Two sides

I am still mad at the Sports Bar owners for moving in and painting the building purple.

Place was such a dump as well as everything that was there before.

Beer hall is surely done for before it is even opened.


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