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Alternate Side Parking Fines Increasing to $65 Citywide Starting Feb. 20

ASP fines increase to $65 citywide starting Feb. 20

Feb. 19. 2020 By Kristen Torres

The city is hiking the fine for alternate side parking violations starting tomorrow, according to the Department of Sanitation.

Fines for violators–who fail to move their vehicle to make way for street cleaning–will increase to $65 starting on Feb. 20 in all five boroughs.

Currently, drivers who receive tickets for ASP violations in the outer boroughs pay $45, with the fine only being $65 for those ticketed in Manhattan on or below 96th St.

The Department of Sanitation made an announcement on Twitter last month that the fine would be $65 citywide.

“Residents are our partners in keeping the city healthy, safe and clean,” the DOT said in a Tweet.

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Only $65? Surely the car hating cabal at the DoT can do better than that! So, if a driver makes $20 per hour, as many New Yorkers make, it would take most of his or her entire day’s earnings to pay for that. That’s inclusive and fair! Love when our electeds live up to their mantras. Don’t you?


Another regressive tax on the hardworking locals. A better plan would be to also reduce all alternate side parking regulations to once per week. Street sweeping twice a week and making everyone move their cars is excessive.


Sure. If one lives in Eastern Queens or South Brooklyn, and works in Eastern Bronx, it would only take about 3 hours of commuting and a handful of transfers from different buses to different subway lines. It’s entirely doable! Especially inside the head of a clueless car hating hipster that lives in downtown Brooklyn or Manhattan!


If you work in the Eastern Bronx and live in Eastern Queens or South Brooklyn, maybe you should move closer to work. Plus, this is about fines. Personally, I would prefer to see violating cars towed at the owner’s expense.


You can call a private towing company, but they will only tow a car that has already been ticketed.


Sure! Great clueless, callous suggestion. Why not just move? Everyone in NYC surely can do just that!

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