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7 Train Service to be Down on Weekends and Weeknights in January, Part of February

via NYC Transit on Twitter

Dec. 24, 2018 By Christian Murray

The MTA will not be providing 7 train service between Queensboro Plaza and 34 St-Hudson Yards on most weeknights during January and February—as well as for four weekends in January, the agency announced Friday night.

The abrupt announcement comes after nearly a decade of service changes and other interruptions on the line due to a massive signal system upgrade that was completed last month.

The MTA said that it discovered that some of the track needs to be replaced while completing the new signal system. The track work requires chipping out existing concrete, the installation of a temporary track structure and the pouring of new concrete.

The MTA assures riders that the track is currently safe but needs to be repaired for future reliability.

“The 7 line is a critical transit artery in Queens and we are doing everything we can to improve its reliability and performance,” said NYC Transit President Any Byford in a statement. “This is work that could not have been completed while we were installing the new signal system and it is absolutely critical it be completed soon.”

The MTA said that it will operate shuttle buses from Queensboro Plaza to Vernon Blvd-Jackson Avenue and from Times Sq to 34th Hudson Yards during the closures. On weekends, W train service with operate between Ditmars Blvd and Whitehall St.

Riders have been complaining about hellish commutes in the past month, despite the completion of the new signal system. It prompted Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer to call on Byford to come to the neighborhood for a town hall and explain the poor service.

A town hall meeting has yet to be scheduled.

The following dates are when service between Queensboro Plaza and 34 St-Hudson Yards will be down.

Work will take place during the following weeknights from 11:45 PM to 5 AM:

January 2-4

January 7-11

January 14-18

January 21-25

January 28-February 1

February 4-8

Work will occur during the following weekends from 12:15 AM Saturday to 4:30 AM Monday:

January 5-7

January 12-14

January 19-21

January 26-28*

*During the weekend of January 26-28,  train service will be suspended between 74th St-Broadway and 34 St- Hudson Yards.


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Built a hundred years ago? Lack of capital investment for a skillion years? Plus, new employees have to learn the patches put in to enable a wood (!) and steel infrastructure to function. The closings are in the depths of night, mostly. Complain not. Perhaps one year….no service outages?


I knew a track worker for the MTA. He said to me in 1998 that” I can assure you the TRACK WORK will never end”. Was he right? Yes. I give A. Byford 6 months or less before he quits. It is a thankless job. Instead of Wi-Fi and Book trains and replacing Metro Cards.Do something useful and make sure the work that is being done gets done on time and finally finished.

Three Party Party

Until we the people become single issue voters and Democrats like Cuomo fear for their jobs, nobody will clean up the MTA unions and their lack of accountability.


To say I am sick of reading about 7 train closures would be an understatement. The inefficiencies and slack approach to construction work are endemic to how the MTA works. You are killing us, smalls.

Ray J

People complain when service is interrupted unexpectedly. People complain when service is interrupted with advance notice. People complain when investment in the system is made…. and when it isn’t. I think people like to complain. And a townhall meeting would be pointless.


People wouldn’t complain if we got a functional, efficient subway system worthy of the endless zillions of dollars and decades of work dedicated to it. Other global cities put our subway to shame, and they spend a fraction of the money and time we do.


That’s great. Another kick in the teeth for Queens residents who provide an essential service, working in NYC’s entertainment and dining establishments during the weekends. More money we get to spend on taxis just to get home from work. THANKS MTA.

Byford are you listening?

Can we build a second set of tracks directly above the 7? At Queenborough the 7 and NWQ are stacked, two tracks going in and two going out. Don’t say weight is an issue when they are building 50 story apartment buildings everywhere along the line.

Unhappy Rider

When will this end?? I have lived in Hunter’s Point for over 20 years, and it seems as though these shutdowns have been going on for at least the last 15. I’m sick and tired of excuses, poor service and no service on many weekends. MTA, get your act together!!

David Wolberg

Every year in January and February the MTA shuts down the 7 train between Queens and Manhattam for so called ” necessary” repair work. This has been going on for over a decade. The work never gets completed. Yet another example of MTA incompetence.


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