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7 train service down for nearly 2 hours after passengers evacuated at Hunters Point Ave station

March 15, 2017 Staff Report

Service on the  No. 7 train was down for nearly two hours this morning after a train was evacuated at the Hunters Point Ave. station following a loud noise in one of the cars, said an MTA spokesperson.

Around 10:15, a Manhattan-bound 7 train that was leaving the Hunters Point Ave. station stopped when there was a loud noise in the train, said the MTA spokesperson. The train had two cars out of the station, and passengers were safely evacuated back to the platform with no injuries.

Upon further investigation, the MTA determined that a loose pipe had hit the top of a train car creating the sound.

The MTA suspended 7 train service between Queensboro Plaza and the 34th Street-Hudson Yards stations from around 10:15 through 12:00 pm. Service has resumed but there are extensive delays.

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Explain to me how the 74th street stop isn’t an express stop then tell me how the 7 train is one of the best subway lines.


i mean – there’s lots to mock the 7 about, but a freak incident like this is hardly proof one way or another of how good or bad the train is.


So glad I am not using 7 train anymore!. I suffered for 10 whole years over there. Now, it is Middle Village for the Win! No overcrowding, no delays.


It depends where in MV he/she lives and that goes for most areas. I live in North MV by Queens Blvd. it takes me 25 min to midtown with R or M trains.
But even if someone lives away from the M or R, it would take them the same time to get to midtown as if they lived by the Astoria Park.


Middle Village is indeed a beautiful area! I was really surprised when I first drove through there; I never knew the area existed. It has a suburban/ European feel, that really blends beautifully with the Juniper Park. My friend has been living there for the past 2 years and he is telling me that the area is picking up, named as an up and coming. His only complain was the lack of restaurants.


For god’s sake. Tell your friend to leave the neighborhood alone. Haven’t transplants done enough damage in this city? If he has a problem with lack of restaurants, LEAVE.


Yet the 7 line was somehow named as one of the “best” lines of the NYC subway system…


I think you’re being too short-minded. One accident does not equal to worst line. It’s about service frequency, cleanliness of trains, how new they’re, there are a lot of things that make the 7 the best line.


Over the years, I’ve been on many different lines (except the G, J, M, & Z trains) and definitely prefer the 7. Which line do you think is better?


Being recognized as the best subway line in NYC is a dubious distinction. When the “winner” is a woefully sclerotic century-old relic that runs over its capacity in peak hours, it’s just a joke


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