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5th Street one-way conversion to take place week of July 7th

5th Street

5th Street

June 24, 2014 By Christian Murray

The Department of Transportation will be converting 5th Street (btw. 46th Road and 50th Ave.) into a one-way, south bound street the week of July 7th.

Community Board 2 and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s office were notified by the DOT of the plans recently—and were also informed that two speed bumps will be added at the same time the street is converted.

The community board, particularly its chairman Joe Conley, has been pushing the DOT hard for the past 18 months to convert it into a one-way. The community board approved the conversion—and the addition of the street bumps—well over a year ago.

Meanwhile, Van Bramer has also been a fierce advocate for these changes through press conferences and constant DOT outreach.

The primary reason for the change is that 5th Street is very narrow and has become a hazard. When cars are parked on both sides of the street, there’s only 16-18 feet for two-way traffic, the DOT has said.

The DOT at a recent meeting said it was going to convert the street into a one-way–and then add the speed bumps at a later date. However, the DOT’s plan was subject to a lot of criticism from members of Community Board 2’s Transportation Committee.

The board feared that the one-way street—without the traffic calming measures of speed bumps—would be dangerous.

The DOT will add speed bumps at 48th and 49th Avenues to slow traffic.

“I am proud to have fought for these much needed improvements,” Van Bramer said.”The one-way conversion and addition of speed humps along 5th Street will make this residential strip safer for all local residents, families and children who live in Long Island City.”

The DOT has said that it has been waiting until summer to do the work, so parents at nearby schools would not be confused by changing road signs and traffic signals.

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Lic fan

I’ve seen how dangerous 5th street is, especially corners of Borden and by the Duane Reade. Maybe we’ll get some garbage cans too? Has anyone else noticed, garbage cans are rare west of Vernon?


5th will be one way. You will not be able to get to the entrance of the parking lot between 47th rd and 47th ave. without going down n. basin unless you want to drive the wrong direction on a one way street….

Check google maps.

And going north on Vernon will become impossible as traffic will back up from the incredibly long light on 48th ave.

Get ready for vernon blvd to become a giant parking lot…

Medium Timer

The post says the reason they’re making 5th 1 way is because it’s too narrow. Narrow sounds good to keep cars from speeding. Oh well, road planning by populism.

To Anon

If you park on 47th road, take Center. If you park on 47th ave, take Vernon. No need for a North Basin Road detour. You’re welcome.


Fact of the matter…neighborhood is growing. It will NOT become less crowded. Traffic will NOT become less. New, different, updated, current safety measures, not just for pedestrians, but also for cars and cyclists must be put in place. Center Blvd will have more traffic as will 5th street. Not to state the obvious but our neighborhood is growing at a staggering pace. These safety issues will only become greater in a very short amount of time. I don’t understand the resistance.


I’m happy about this, but have to agree with the posters above, it may make Center worse. It’s a waiting game until some truck going 50 past all those building hits a kid.


Actually a bike lane would make sense on fifth. While the road is currently too narrow for two way traffic it is a little too wide for one way traffic. A bike lane would actually narrow the street enough that drivers don’t feel that they can speed through it. Of course, that will not stop jerks from speeding, but they are going to speed no matter what.



Now center blvd will become even more dangerous as 1,200 cars have to go through it and then around tiny north basin rd to get to the parking lots on 47th ave & 47th rd.

Wonderful plan!


Finally! However this is going toake Center Blvd insanely dangerous. Something needs to be done to slow traffic down.


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