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3 Arrested During Vigil for Dead Rapper ‘Kiing Shooter’ in LIC Tuesday

Kiing Shooter (Instagram)

May 6, 2020, By Michael Dorgan

Three people were arrested at a crowded vigil for a dead rapper in Queensbridge yesterday after violating social distancing rules, police said.

Police said that they tried to break up a crowd of about 75 people just before 2 p.m. in the vicinity of 40th Avenue and 10th Street.

The attendees had come to pay homage to William Daniels, better known as Kiing Shooter, who had passed away earlier in the day from complications relating to COVID-19. Williams was a resident of Queensbridge Houses.

Police instructed the crowd to disperse and the mourners then made their way to the nearby Queensbridge Park, where they attempted to continue the vigil, according to police.

Police asked the group to disperse again and say they were met with resistance by several individuals.

A 33-year old woman, a 24-year-old woman, and a 34-year-old man were arrested for offenses including resisting arrest, according to a police spokesperson.

Daniels, a 24-year-old up-and-coming rapper, was hospitalized with liver problems last week and subsequently contracted COVID-19. He died from complications with the virus on May 5, according to his obituary on

Daniels had recently signed to Street Dreams Records, a record label belonging to world renowned rapper Nas, according to HipHopDX.

He recently posted a picture to social media showing him laid up in the hospital.

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William Hallett

but but but these groups of people are disproportionately effected! what a farce. politicize and race bait everything

You're opposed to a vigil...

He’s still a human being with a family. You’re opposed to a funeral…Trump lovers are actually THIS racist.


The Vigil was shutdown in the basketball court on 41st Vernon. PD was near 10th st. on 41st ave waiting. They were nice enough to let them mourn… but be realistic it late. PD did try to talk to them a few times asking them to disburse. Some of them rather make a scene. PD called for back up and started the announcement to leave. These hood rats wanted to make noise and trouble because they were drunk. Instead of mourning peacefully they wanted to start a fight with PD. All in all the cops handled the situation good as possible. I was able to enjoy the whole show and sleep peacefully.

Wrong Side of the 59th Street Bridge

What about the disregard of social distancing that occurs daily in LIC along the water front or on Center Blvd. or are their just different rules depending on if you are north or south of the bridge.


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