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11109, a 5-block LIC zip code, has the highest proportion of licensed dogs to people in NYC

New York City Licensed Dog Population/NYC EDC

Aug. 8, 2017 by Nathaly Pesantez

The 11109 zip code, an area spanning approximately five blocks by the Long Island City waterfront, has the highest proportion of licensed dogs to people in New York City, according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

The zip code, although encompassing the small area of luxury towers, restaurants, and shops between 49th Avenue up to N Basin Road and going up through Center Boulevard and parts of 5th Street, has a population of 4,702 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But also within the zip code are 180 licensed dogs—or about one dog for every 26 people.

Although dog licenses are required by New York State Law, many dog owners in the city do not have the proper paperwork filed for their pets—in one estimate by CBS, 80 percent of dogs in New York City are not licensed.

But the EDC pointed out a connection between dogs licensed by zip code and median income—nine of the zip codes with the largest number of dogs per capita also make up the 19 neighborhoods with the highest median incomes in the city, with the median income for the tiny yet robust 11109 zip code at $91,745, the third-highest median income, according to the report.

Long Island City has seen a rise in dog runs in the past several years, with a $750,000, 24-hour public dog run opening on Center Boulevard in 2015, as well as one inside Hunters Point South Park that opened in 2013. There is also the dog run at Vernon Boulevard and 48 Avenue as well as another at John F. Murray Playground.

Dog-focused shops have also sprouted within and around the 11109 zip code in recent years, including LIC Doghouse and Pooches Sport & Spa.

Opening of dog run on Center Blvd (2015)

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The NY State park along the north western side of the zip, is “dog free.” The two signs I’ve spotted say so. And yes, over-entitled owners walk their dogs along the wood planks and through the area. Just a few, every day. One woman playing with her dog on the grass, dispensed a middle finger in response to my helpful info. Two groundskeepers appear ground down by the sheer number of Fido owners. It’s could be hobby, pointing out the signs, or a workout for the diligent park stroller. I point to the City park area–overrun by dogs, with it’s fenced dogplay area. Signs would help

Mister Charlie

People are disgusting with their dogs. Sometimes I wonder who is the animal. I have the pleasure of living in a building where people let their dogs pee on the ramp right in front of the door to the building, where everyone from handicapped people, people with strollers, people using the carts, have to roll through. When confronted, one person just shrugged. Absolutely disgusting. These people should have their pictures taken and publicly shamed (which is what I will be doing the next time I witness it).


It is mind boggling and is up there with noise and pollution when it comes to quality of life issues. Amazing how clueless, or arrogant, people can be.


I’ve had issues with people walking their dogs using an extended leash. The owner is on one side of the sidewalk while their dog is on the other and the leash is stretched across. Of course the owner did not care to retract the leash so people could walk by, instead forcing people to walk all the way around. Not surprising they would be this rude and self- centered.


That many dogs in that small of an urban space is a problem when those dog owners don’t act responsibly. Please don’t let your dogs pee on a building, right next to a “Please curb your dog sign”, so that the pee then runs all over the sidewalk. There are signs all over LIC saying “Pet waste kills plants”. Please don’t tell me you can’t read. Please curb your dogs at all times. That means they should poop and pee at the curb. Pee and summer heat, don’t mix well. Please be responsible. Think about it this way. Nobody should ever have to walk through a puddle of pee or walk around a poop, ever. If your dog has diarrhea, that is your problem, not mine.


In my entire life I’ve only seen one person actually walking their dog on the street next to the curb (curb your dog) so the waste was in the street and not on the sidewalk. If everyone did this it would be great but how can you with all the cars parked from end to end? You can’t with the exception of the 15ft swath in front of the pump but those are often even being occupied by standing vehicles. Too many dogs…and cars.


I have seen dog owners curb their dogs, between cars with no problem. It all comes down to training and being respectful to the community you live in.


Pump is slang for fire hydrant, it’s a ny thing. Kinda a like how pizzas are pies and above ground trains are els.


I have witnessed more than once dog owners willfully ignoring the signs and letting their dogs pee and poop on the plants. When I said something they got nasty with me and gave bogus reasons for why they were doing it. One said her dog was trained to pee on plants, which I replied that she could then train the dog not to. I had one guy tell me that female dog pee was fine. I am a gardener and no dog pee or poop is good for plants!


Actually, poop would probably be fine on plants. Poop is, after all, the original fertilizer. Not that I condone failing to clean up after your dogs.


I’m a dog owner and a former resident of LIC. Lived there from 2008-2016 and I couldn’t agree with you more. The sad part is there are too many irresponsible and rude dog owners. They don’t want to inconvenience themselves or their dog and some go even as far as believing their dog to be human. It’s an animal. It’s demeaning enough we have to pick up after them but don’t let your dog pee where it wants and always pick up their shit. Common courtesy.


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