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New Restaurant Planned For 47th Road Gets Pushback From Community Board


Jan. 15, 2016 By Christian Murray

An application has been filed by a budding restaurant owner for a liquor license on 47th Road in Hunters Point.

The applicant, who is looking to open an establishment at 10-39 47th Road, received some pushback from Community Board 2’s Public Safety Committee Wednesday in her quest for a liquor license.

The restaurant, which would be called The Green Street and would focus on offering organic and all-natural dishes, would be located on a narrow residential street. It would operate as a café in the morning and restaurant at night.

The owner plans to open the establishment between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. seven days per week.

The board did not put the license to a vote. Instead, it found issues with the application and requested more information.



The restaurant would have 74 seats, including eight at the bar. The maximum number of people permitted in a restaurant/bar before a public assembly license is needed is 74.

In order for a restaurant owner to get a public assembly license, additional fire safety requirements have to be met that can prove costly.

Public Safety chair Pat O’Brien said that the size of the restaurant is such that significantly more people could be in there than 74 at any time.

“You have 74 seats and a lot of open space,” he said.

He said that the Board’s goal is not to add to the applicant’s costs. However, he added, “it is in the interest of the community—and you for that matter—to ensure the safety of your patrons.”

He asked the applicant to come back to next month’s meeting with a new plan that would scale back the number of patrons that could be there. Or, alternatively, to get a public assembly permit.

O’Brien said that establishing a bar on a residential side street was a concern and that would be addressed at next month’s meeting.

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