Ramen restaurant on Vernon Blvd expected to open May 1

April 1, By Michael Florio

The ramen restaurant that has been under construction at 47-36 Vernon Boulevard in recent months is expected to open May 1.

The restaurant, called Tamashii Ramen, is owned by Jhon Cho, who owns and operates a restaurant by the same name at 29-05 Broadway in Astoria.…

Coyote remains on the loose

March 31, By Christian Murray

Long Island City’s infamous coyote remains at large.

Yesterday morning a coyote was spotted on the roof of LIC Bar and police and workers spent most of the day trying to rescue it.

Brian Porter,…

Gianaris introduces bill to ban state-funded travel to Indiana

March 31, By Christian Murray

State Sen. Mike Gianaris has introduced a bill that would ban state-funded or state-sponsored travel to Indiana.

Gianaris’ bill comes in the wake of Indiana’s recently introduced Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The new law provides people with the ability to ignore existing state laws in cases where they are a “substantial burden” on their ability to follow their religious beliefs.…

Man charged for burglarizing nine LIC/Astoria restaurants and stores

March 31, By Christian Murray

The police arrested a Queensbridge man last month who is allegedly responsible for nine break-ins at several well-known restaurants and stores throughout Long Island City and Astoria.

Shameek Dunbar, 40, the alleged perpetrator, faces burglary charges after breaking into popular restaurants and eateries such as Petey’s Burger,…

The Clock Tower, once a giant, now the little guy

March 30, By Michael Florio

It was once a giant—now it is about to be dwarfed.

The iconic Clock Tower, a 14-story building that was once the tallest structure in Queens, is about to be overshadowed by a 70 story tower that is expected to be built right beside it.…

WiFi to come to Hunters Point park before summer

March 26, By Michael Florio

Long Island City residents will soon be able to surf the web at their newest waterfront park.

Installation of wireless Internet at Hunters Point South Park is scheduled to begin in April and is expected to be in operation by the end of spring,…


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