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The aim of the Long Island City Post is to provide readers with a day-to-day account of what’s happening in Long Island City, New York. There will be small news items, links to other stories and professionally-written articles.

The blog was started in 2012 by Christian Murray, Editor, who is a reporter by trade, spending several years covering politics at NEWSDAY and now writes about investment banking for Thomson Reuters.  He earned a graduate degree at the Columbia School of Journalism, and was nominated for a Pulitzer in 2001 for a story on a New York real estate scam. He is originally from New Zealand, is married to Janet Viana and has two children. He was the founder of the Sunnyside Post (http://www.sunnysidepost.com)

The logo and website were redesigned in 2012 by artist/designer Patricia Dorfman.

For further information, please contact:

Christian Murray

C: 516-242-0633

E-Mail: LongIslandCityPost@gmail.com

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