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DOE wants school to start at 8:00am, PS/IS 78 parents push back

PS 78

PS 78

August 8, By Christian Murray

Many parents with children at PS/IS 78 are upset that the Department of Education plans to change the time school starts to 8:00 am

The Department of Education notified parents that school will start 40 minutes earlier this fall than it is now—and that school will end at 2:20 pm instead of 3:00 pm.

While the policy affects parents at PS 78, it is part of a city wide decision that changes the start time at about 450 schools across the city.

The decision was included as part of the teachers’ union contract the city agreed to earlier this year.

The parents at PS/IS 78 have already started a petition and are looking to work with the school to amend the school hours.

The parents’ main concern is that it would provide them with less quality time with their children; potentially increase childcare expenses; and may affect their children’s ability to learn.

Louis Pavone, the principal at PS/IS 78, could not be reached for comment. However, parents at other schools who have voiced similar concerns have been able to alter the hours.

For a copy of the petition, click here

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  1. 8:15-2:20 were my school hours when i was a kid (in queens) i don’t get the BFD.

  2. jenn, i’m assuming that you don’t have kids. that is the only way that you do not comprehend why this would suck for most families (especially those with parents that both work).

  3. I wonder if this decision was made based on studies showing kids aren’t awake yet to learn or if this decision was made based on teachers’ desire to be done by 2pm.

  4. Maybe parents should have thought carefully about whether they were capable of taking care of their kids in the first place and not expecting the planet to revolve around them.

    Stop constantly trying to blame others. Take responsibility for yourselves and figure it out. If you can’t, then don’t have kids. It really is that simple.

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