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Vernon Blvd to get three stores in prime location, as residential space is converted to commerical


May 23, By Christian Murray

Three ground-floor residential units located on Vernon Blvd are currently in the process of being converted into prime retail space.

The owner of the properties, located at 47-34/47-36 Vernon Blvd, is currently seeking commercial tenants to move into three separate stores—each about 720 square feet, with basement and backyard space. However, according to a representative of the owner, all three stores could be rented to one tenant, who would be permitted to combine them.

Currently, each store is for rent at $6,500 per month. The space will be ready by July 1.

The owner’s representative, who didn’t want to be named, said he has already received interest from restaurants, cafes, real estate firms and even a men’s clothing store. He has already started interviewing prospects.

He said the residents moved out of the three units about two months ago. However, residents will continue to live upstairs from the restaurants/stores.

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  1. A men’s clothing store would actually be awesome.

  2. Greenpoint has a Brooklyn Industries. Can LIC be far behind?

  3. A nice cafe/bakery/gelato place on Vernon would be nice as well.
    Glad to see some more retail space being used on Vernon.

  4. I really hope we get a pizza place or Asian fusion – this neighborhood is in desperate need for more mediocre pizza and asian fusion

  5. Just what we need – another real estate office!

  6. How about a hardware store?!

  7. We need a Trader Joes. Between those stores for rent, make it one venue for a Trader Joes

  8. Backyard space? If only.

    That would be the world’s smallest Trader Joe’s (wouldn’t count on it), but a hardware store and maybe a gift/card shop would be lovely.

  9. I think more diversified retail would be a great addition to the neighborhood. A small hardware store would be great ( that’s what I wish would go into the nasty army navy always closed space!). Men’s clothing, home stuff, card & gift shop – all would be great.

    I disagree with our sarcastic friend; we have some very good restaurants in our neighborhood but we can use some variety in retail to complement them.

  10. Fingers crossed its another filthy pizzeria no one eats at. They are all being gentrified away :(

  11. Hardware store!!! I know is not related but; what’s going in with that army navy store in Vernon Blvd! I never saw a single person shopping there.

  12. Bad, bad news. Too small, too expensive. Fast food or junk. Look at Bedford Ave. In W’msburg and weep.

  13. The Army Navy store does a disservice to the community. Either open it or rent the space to someone that will put it to good use.

  14. What’s with the attitude? A neighbor owns that business and runs it. Can’t wait to exploit every inch of a real neighborhood? Want to demolish the church? Sheesh.
    Your neighbors, if you live here, built the equity of a safe and quiet place to live and work. Accept it, husband your neighbors as a resource.

  15. Need a shoe repair place.

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