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Court Square to get movie and music series from Aug. 7 through Sept. 20

Event location

Event location

May 16, By Christian Murray

Rockrose has joined forces with an event organizer and the owners of M. Wells Steakhouse to put together a movie and music series in the Court Square section of Long Island City.

The festival will take place every Thursday and Saturday from August 7 to September 20 at 43-29 Crescent Street, according to the organizers of the series, who spoke at a Community Board 2 meeting Wednesday.

The event series, first reported by the Daily News, will be family friendly and free, according to the organizers.

The films will be shown on Thursday after dark, while the music series will take place on Saturdays starting from 4pm through to 9pm, the organizers said.

M. Well Steakhouse will provide food and beverages and local breweries will be invited too.

The events will take place on the triangular lot next that currently hosts artwork from Socrates Sculpture Park. The lot is small, with a maximum capacity of 190.

The music will feature indie-rock, folk and soul bands.

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  1. Very cool. Hope CB2 does rain on the parade.

  2. Looking forward to the development of the COURT square area and this is a great first few steps.

  3. Yeah, but where can we get more info/lineup? There’s no website, source listed. Not really helpful to not get more details.

  4. Hi Anna,

    Unfortunately, those details have not yet been disclosed. Once they are, they will be posted.

    Regards, Christian

  5. Better check with Garrett, make sure it’s ok with him.

  6. it’s not on vernon, aka not in his backyard. i don’t think that area is too residential, it’s by the citi building and ccny.

    this sounds great, and that’s a nice space.. BUT IT’S SO SMALL. 190 ppl there is stretching it, and that’s with no stage, and no vendors. hopefully either m wells will open up their space during these events or a portion of the street will be blocked off and open to guests, otherwise, this is gonna be a cluster-f.

  7. Court Square is residential more now than
    Ever! Many new buildings all around.
    I’m sure Garrett would still have say, I
    Wouldn’t put it past him.

  8. Him and his neon light army

  9. Anything positive for the neighborhood to enhance conviviality among neighbors is a good thing. I hope the buildings do that again by the water as they did last year, too. That was quite lovely.

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