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Court Square condo hits the market for $3 million

3mFeb. 13, By Christian Murray

A large Court Square condo was put on the market yesterday for $3 million—representing one of the highest asking prices for a condo in Long Island City.

The condo, located at 26-26 Jackson Avenue, has four bedrooms, a formal dining room and plenty of storage space, according to Jermain Miller, the agent for Douglas Elliman who is selling the property.

Miller believes that $3 million is the second highest asking price for a Long Island City condo, behind a listing at the View, a highly prized building located at 46-30 Center Boulevard. However, that condo was significantly smaller than the 2,500 sqf. Jackson Avenue property, Miller said.

“The [Jackson Ave.] condo is perfect for a family with two kids who want a live-in maid or an extended family member to live with them,” Miller said. He said the condo not only has 2,500 square feet of interior space but comes with 1,500 sqf. of exterior/balcony space.

Miller said a 2,500 sqf. apartment in Manhattan would cost between $5 million and $6 million, and would not include the exterior space.

The condo has 16 ft. ceilings along with south, west and north exposed floor-to-ceiling windows.


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  1. Buying in LIC is a no-brainer. The average median price/sqft 1 train stop into midtown Manhattan is over $1600/sqft, for new construction it’s probably closer to $2000/sqft. The area around here has new parks and new schools, and free parking (at least for now). There’s also more upside possible here, although it’s catching up.

  2. The view: right on center blvd, beautiful park across the street.
    This place: on jackson ave. you prob hear the elevated train. look at that view! that vacant lot! stunning!

  3. I don’t think Anon’s information is correct. The median price in LIC would probably range from $800/sf to $1100/sf especially near the waterfront.

  4. Everett, I was talking about Manhattan prices 1 stop in. The no-brainer is that Hunter’s Point pricing is a huge savings just 1 stop away from Manhattan.

  5. Everett – apologies, I just reread your post, please ignore my response.

  6. Check out how the real-estate agent made a desperate post about the condo under “Anonymous” LOL

    This is a suckers purchase because the next building will block the view of this one. LIC has a lot of gentrifying to do.

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