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‘Blend on the Water’ is now open for private events, public opening in January

Blend bar

Blend bar (photo: Dec. 23)

Dec. 23, By Christian Murray

Blend, the well-known Latin Fusion restaurant located on Vernon Blvd, has opened its Center Blvd location for private events.

Blend on the Water, situated on the ground floor of 45-40 Center Blvd, is going to be open to the public in January, said Anthony Perez, the general manager.

The Center Blvd location is three times the size of its 47-04 Vernon Blvd restaurant.  It has 160 seats, two outdoor patios and a private dining room.

The big draw is that the Center Blvd. restaurant has 10 foot windows that wrap around it, providing views of the East River and Manhattan.

Photo (Sept. 25)

Photo (Sept. 25)

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  1. I’m all for new restaurant choices but the shitty valet parking is already showing signs of being a problem. The just stack the cars up at the end of center blvd.

  2. Agreed. The worst thing a new restaurant can do is be discourteous to the residents who are its neighbors. Keep the music down (and off altogether outside), use the HUGE parking deck across the street to store cars, keep the sidewalk clean and trash-free, and instruct patrons to be respectful of the neighbors – or the restaurant is sure to be a flop.

  3. Amazin place & the food was great.

  4. Went last night for dinner with my husband, and we loved it!!

    Mojito was delic!
    Food presentation was beautiful and the taste was excellent. Great vibe too! Would go again!

    Parking is a bit difficult, but I mean you’re in LIC, it’s nothing surprising… enjoy the nice walk, it’s a beautiful neighborhood.

  5. Blend regularly use center blvd as their own private parking lot for valet. Parking cars 3 rows deep at times, completely blocking traffic. I doubt emergency vehicles would even be able to get through if there were an incident. Noisy, and congested, and dangerous! Shi, up the street at 4720, validates parking from nearby garages instead. Boo to Blend! Bad, bad neighbors!

  6. It’s only been open a couple of months and I’m already ready for Blend on the Water to be gone. Center Blvd is NOT a parking lot! It’s a road! WTF!

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