5 Pointz is coming down, as city approves special permit

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77 Responses to 5 Pointz is coming down, as city approves special permit

  1. 40th Street

    Very disappointed to hear this. Goodbye gritty and colorful character of Queens, hello slick high rises… UGH.

  2. me


  3. =/

    This is a damn shame

  4. pissed of Queens resident

    Lived here my entire life and have reveled at the beauty of 5pointz since I was a kid. And all of the sudden the renovate this neighborhood and all these fucking young hipster people start moving in and they think its okay to just tear down one of the things that makes Queens, Queens in order to make room for more unnecessary residents?!?! This is so fucking sad.


    bullshit. at least they are giving art spaces. this place better be covered in graffiti 100% of the time

  6. Nick

    at least they are doing something artist oriented but still a shame. money rules the world. WE DONT NEED MORE PEOPLE IN THE CITY

  7. Frozen94

    This indeed sucks. Affordable housing?!?!? To who? The already rich? Yeh ok.

  8. Mike Novak

    The Bloombergering of NYC. How freakin’ sad.

  9. Really?

    Are you people nuts? This is not a publicly owned space. Its privately owned in AMERICA. This is a free society. The owners were nice enough to allow all the graffiti, all these years out of the goodness of their heart. On their privately owned property. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO OBJECT IN A WAY THAT COSTS THE OWNERS MONEY TO DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH THEIR OWN PROPERTY. What a bunch of losers. I hope you all never own anything. Or if you do I hope others interfere with your rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Really???? It’s time to wake up! Like we need more towers! This is the beginning of the end.

  11. does it really matter what my name is?

    No we are not nuts. It’s a ICON of Queens. So it’s privately owned. Big woop de doo. Out of the goodness of their heart? Yea ok, don’t make me laugh. Have you seen the place and the poor shape it’s in.

    Who the hell we are? Who the hell are you to talk to others like this? It’s NOT costing them money. If they cared about that property they would have done something years ago. Sounds like they received a offer they couldn’t refuse.

    Hope we never own anything? Do me a favor, rethink what you said. Become more of a human being and keep your mouth shut. We the people have the RIGHT to voice our opinions when it comes to OUR community.

    This is only the beginning, I’m sure they’ll try to knock down many more places for more apartments that honestly aren’t needed. Oh and are considered ‘affordable’ as well.

  12. Joe

    The owner of the property has the right to do what He or She wants they paid for it. At least they left space available for artist which they don’t have to do. Can’t hate the owner for allowing people to paint on the building for so long. Also as much as people hate on the owner or owners its damn hard to own a building or a business especially in NY. It comes with great sacrifice that most people are not willing to do. So easy to criticize but you have to see the owners perspective. Just my opinion.

  13. Yep

    I had an artist studio in this space for the last 2 years. Although it was amazing on the outside the inside was a mess. Im suprised the building didnt fall in on itself.

  14. Mark

    holy shit you guys act like graffitid buildings are a good thing. Graffiti is illegal, and highly graffitid areas are a worldwide symbol for poor, hoodlum type neighborhoods.

    The people who want new buildings are hipsters? More like the graffiti lovers are the hipsters.
    Oh no I’m a fucking “street art appreciating” hipster so let’s save this shitty graffitid builidng so that way we don’t have to build taller, cleaner, efficient, housing!

  15. really, really?

    Can you read? Or do you just think everyone is always reffering to whatever pisses you off?

  16. Graffiti artist

    Hello Really, you are formal completely right. But since graffiti is a movement that sees lack of maintenance as an artistic opportunity, on this particular place something beautiful has grown. In stead of a crappy warehouse with no extra value for New York, this place has become a attraction for (street) artists, commuters, tourists and especially hipsters. It is a place of expression, inspiration and a temple for hiphop in New York. I personally blame the council of New York rather than the owner of the lot because the council should take responsibility for the loss of a unique attraction in Queens. i can imagine there will be not much in common with the atmosphere of the new studios and the current situation. In 2011 a dream came true for me to paint on the roof of this beatiful place, this will now remain as a memory of the past. Rest in Peace 5 pointz, peace to meres and marie and the crew. Once again the value of culture is underestimated for the power of money.

  17. REALLY???

    Are you serious? Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean it’s gonna be positive for the community…that’s exactly what tearing down 5pointz represents to the worldwide Hip-Hoppers. NYC is the birthplace of this Hip-Hop ish.

    Bush had the right to declare war, so does Obama. Following your logic, who are you to object to anything that doesn’t directly relate to you? Obviously you have zero sense of any kind of Hip-Hop related education, leaving your comment as empty as if you were talking from your rear.

    Furthermore, a lot of these brothers and sisters protesting are actually from the borough, who the hell do you think they are to not be allowed to object? THIS IS AMERICA, FREEDOM IS NOT ONE WAY. I will protest w/e I want to as a citizen of this country, and hopefully you will take measures to ensure your growth of maturity and expansion of mind.

  18. Fatima

    Someone needs to fin the headquarters of these developers and cover it in graffiti!

  19. Caroline Caldwell

    What a shame. This is the destruction of a landmark. This is a real loss for both the art community as well as New York City. Well, it was an absolute privilege to experience 5Pointz in the flesh and get to know the amazing people who curate it.

  20. To The Dumb F*** Above Me...

    Wish the worst upon yourself, you piece of shit.

  21. yes!

    @Really? – Cities are built with private money and yes there are rights for developers to develop their own land but they city is a cultural mix some building deserve to be deemed important and/ or historic for the greater good of the city. That how there is approval for tearing down building in New York. The problem is New York has become too friendly to the tear down of the city. There are plenty of vacant lots they could use to build in that area. Plenty of shit they could tear down and nobody would blink an eye.

  22. re: Really?

    blah blah blah blah

  23. Anonymous

    To the person above me, raise your voice AFTER you’ve been, interacted, and experience 5Points, it’s curator (Meres One), and your loving private owner. Scream private to the public and see who hears you. I for one am heart broken but would love to live where greatness stood. Not to gloat in what once was but to ensure its beautiful revelry is continued long after its gone. #tagthis

  24. Dusty

    That’s a damn shame, i’ve been over to NY from London many times to visit 5Pointz.
    Graffiti is synonymous with New York, 5Pointz is synonymous with Graffiti thus another reason to visit New York will be gone.
    Regardless of the fact that New Yorkers like it or not, it is the epicentre of a movement that is now worldwide, touching probably every country in the world.
    Every time i come over there’s people from all over the world displaying their art.
    The locals might now have their ‘affordable’ housing but you’ll lose probably a thousand or so visitors to New York.
    Having travelled extensively the name 5Pointz is known all over the world as an icon in New York, also when i’m there the subway trains that screech past have faces against the glass peering at the new art works that go up on a daily basis!
    Sometimes buildings aren’t just bricks and mortar, they have an essence, an energy, that won’t be there anymore.
    5Pointz RiP

  25. Tai

    “Really”, I hope you win the Darwin Awards.

  26. Really???

    Your nuts, privatisation is ruining this world. capitalism controls democracy.
    People with your attitude are the problem. Interfere with your rights?? Its the community thats having there rights disregarded for cash.

  27. LGone

    That’s a fucking shame..those motherfuckers do whatever it takes to Permanently Take graffiti off the society.
    You can’t Never do that fucking Assholes who says that we live in democracy and force us to do what they say.

  28. Nunya Bidness

    Thank god; what an eyesore.

  29. Sickened by This Betrayal

    Bloomberg and his cronies can’t make anything but money. That warehouse was worth NOTHING all these years–the owner put nothing into it and evidently lost nothing or he would have sold it–until artists made the neighborhood a place if inestimable value.

    He is making a profit off the work poor artists put into the place all these years. He is nothing but a leech, using money to suck the life blood out of everyone around him.

    Remember what they said, it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. He is so engorged on the value other people created he can not see straight.

    He created nothing. He just consumes. And since I am Catholic I call that more than a shame, I call it a sin. The kicker is, you have to pray for your enemies. That is a tough one. Otherwise you are as bad as they are.

    And the pro-business mayor is destroying 200 small business in Willets Point for the same friends of his. The Vampire Squid is consuming Queens and our politicians pose for pictures with them.

    “They say you want a revolution. . . .”

  30. Time's Up

    Sad to see 5 Pointz go. But at least I can get a good laugh out of people seriously discussing “hipsters,” as if that were an actual group of people rather than shorthand for whomever people don’t like.

    Hipsters are responsible for tearing down 5 Pointz!
    Hipsters are crybabies for resisting the tear-down of 5 Pointz!
    Hipsters are poor white kids from the midwest!
    Hipsters are rich trust-funded white kids from the east coast!
    Hispters are poor artists who support graffiti!
    Hipsters are culture-less bores who hate graffiti!
    Hipsters are destroying NYC culture!
    Hipsters are the only ones trying to preserve NYC culture!

    Hence my repeated insistence that every comment including that word be banned, as it is such a useless catchall term with no fucking meaning whatsoever. Come on Christian! Hitler references do less to de-rail discussions than this hipster bullshit.

    And by the way Mark, although yours wasn’t the only dumb comment, you do get a star for its exceptional stupidity. Graffiti per se is neither legal nor illegal. The graffiti that happened to be on 5 Pointz was sanctioned, and thus, legal. Happens to be beautiful too, but of course that’s just my opinion, which happens to be shared by millions of others apparently.

  31. Kenny

    Capitalism at its best

  32. Square BallZ

    @Time’s Up:

    You’re 100% right, we shouldn’t use the word ‘hipsters’. ‘Pieces of shit’ will do just fine. Go smoke a dick in Williamsburg you pompous, arrogant, out-of-state A-hole.

  33. EA

    This is a icon of queens! A place where people all over the world would come to show their art. A place of movie making.
    The owner is a greedy sun of a ____. He already owns about a quater of LIC! As far as I know there were millioners as far as Japan willing to buy this place and fix it up!
    You kid yourself if you think anything there will be affordable.

    With that said. When is the human chain starting?

  34. Ro

    I think the people that oppose the tear down of 5Pointz went at it all wrong. It is inevitable that the owner has the right to tear down this property and build to the “as of right” zoning the site currently has. This is his undeniable right and any court will side with the owner. However, the owner was seeking additional FAR. Instead of insisting that the building stay intact they should have lobbied for the current shell to stay up and the new building be built above and around it. They should have also insisted that they hire a real architect as oppose the awful design they currently have, all in return for increasing the FAR. The funny thing is that if the owner is able to pull off a great design that integrates this “landmark” with his new building it will only add value to his property.

    It is sad to see this place go, but it would be sadder to see a citizen’s rights trampled on by the masses.

  35. So what

    I’m glad to see this “thing” come down. It’s been an eyesore. I’ve lived roughly 2 miles away from that towering chunk of crap for 21 years and I’m happy they are tearing it down. None of you will stop this from happening, offering opinions and bickering like middle school kids like it will make a difference won’t do anything. You’re just all a bunch of screen-and-keyboard thugs. Get over it.

  36. jason

    Good Riddance!

  37. Anonymous

    I’ve lived in this neighborhood for a few years, and I think one of the main reasons why 5pointz was such a marvel was the very fact that 1 stop of manhattan you had a wild graffiti jungle.

    The main point of graffiti is its wild anti-establishment nature and the volatility of art that comes on like wild grass, is mowed away, and then reappears somewhere else.

    The supporters of keeping this warehouse “established” as a place for permanent graffiti is ironic then.

  38. jan-michael

    Can hipsters be the children of poor immigrants?

    I’d like a membership to the hipster club

  39. Anonymous

    If the supporters of 5pointz want to make permanent and institutionalize graffiti, then they are the epitome of “hipster” i.e., ironic.

    Furthermore name calling others as “hipsters” when you are the hipster yourself, is itself also ironic, and very well played, the irony inside the irony.

    If graffiti should live in its truest form, then whether it is an abandoned building or a sparkling new high rise, “grafitti”-on you brave artistic soldier against the establishment! But please do not become the new establishment.

  40. Bill

    Make the space a park with giant stones to decorate.

  41. jan-michael

    I hate all the hipsters moving to lic, I liked Queens before it was cool

  42. Time's Up

    Hey Square Ballz, I don’t think you understood my point. Perhaps you should read it another dozen times or so and perhaps it’ll come clear.

    And I didn’t know that having a relatively decent command of written English makes one pompous and arrogant.

    Oh, and I grew up and lived in Woodside, Sunnyside, and LIC my entire life. Which, if any, of those neighborhoods are out of state? I see you’re on a roll.

    Any more nonsense, false suppositon, and weird misplaced anger to add to this fun comment thread?

  43. Hilarious

    Well, as long as the rich people have somewhere to live! We all know how hard it is for rich people to find apartments here in NYC….

  44. Anonymous

    So strange, that when development and condos are written about, people rant on about ‘hipsters’. These ‘hipsters’ can’t afford places in these new developments. These are for bankers, lawyers, and other well paid business people, who are much older than ‘hipsters’.

    I would invite the people on here ranting about hipsters, to change their rant to, there are less and less places for artist, dancers, writers, musicians, painters to live, which is the cultural backbone of what makes all of New York a vibrant place to live. It is becoming a business hub, which is infinitely more boring, and lacking a soul.

    So whatever you have against ‘hipsters’ (who are usually artists, of the variety mentioned above) try to remember why New York is such an amazing place, and be careful what you wish for…

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  46. invisible lean

    @really…are you a friggin idiot…yea you are…you probably support billions of dollars of government subsidies to the oil industry so they can make even more billions of dollars while paying no taxes polluting our planet..fools like kill this planet…now go be a good republican and go kill some more innocent little children attending elementary school with your legal guns..friggin idiot



  48. AX ONE

    Let me tell you…I am one of the more notable street/train bombers since the 80’s. people should be happy that the OWNERS of the property allowed graffiti to be done there for a day let alone many years. It’s THEIR property and was bought with the main idea, like all RE investment property, with a PROFIT to be made. So they have found a way to realize the profit in their wise investment that was VERY risky at the time they made it. So all of you who who ARE NOT entrepreneurs or know about capitalism, don’t open your mouth.You don’t even begin to know the entire picture and don’t have the capacity to. So go get me a hamburger and a side of fries.Mental ungrateful midgets that you are.

  49. EulogyToAGreatCity

    Another step in the gentrification of New York City, and once again I’m not sure I like it. I don’t protest that having a new apartment building is a good thing and affordable living spaces are hard to come by in the city. However, I lament the fact that my NYC is disappearing. What makes New York City the greatest city in my opinion, is the historical and cultural roots sunk deep into all aspects of life, from people to architecture. Don’t we read cities by the buildings they have? I will miss old New York and watch as every borough is buried under the development of high rises. I watched as landmarks, such as the Battery Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, and Queensboro Bridge were rebranded by the names of people who were “great”. How will this be different?

  50. Graffiti Writer

    Graff should be illegal. Shame to see it go, but Graff should be illegal.
    I hit the BMTs in B’klyn. in the very early 80s when I was a kid.

  51. Queens Resident

    What about the Older Generations whose mark remains on the currently sight and the sight alone. It can not be replicated amd how long will the walls on thisnew. Building be allowed for, the first year? These are words, sentences, phrases used to buy us and having us give them the stamp of approval but it will never be the same. Damn yuppies ruin everything, our culture, our dance our music. Can’t pretend to be in it, you have to live it. Its graff but its also art and no one should deny that because at one time you believe that it was just that and that one time counts.

  52. THE NYC Vidit

    This is a historic landmark, a piece of culture that directly influenced modern pop.

    >> It is not the birthplace of Hip Hop to those that said it above (that honor goes to my beloved BOOGIE DOWN BRONX) – but there was a direct relationship between Hip Hop’s origins in the Bronx, and of course 5 Pointz. And for the record to Queens, don’t forget your history.

    KRS-ONE announced THE BRIDGE IS OVER back in the 80s. So the young buck Queens kids talking about birthplace of Hip Hop need to revisit modern music and cultural history.

    Queens/Bronx rivalries aside, it is tragic to lose this monument. Curating artwork in the building is the antithesis of everything 5 Pointz stood for. Sorry, but it isn’t a consolation prize or act of mercy by the developers.

    5 Pointz were a land of art – it wasn’t the value dropping scribblings of “toys”, but true legends and pioneers (and many current fantastic artists keeping graffiti alive and not commercializing it like Marc Ecko)

    That said, keep getting up…

  53. Marco Ricco

    This place call to much attention in the last years so is normal some rich people see the opportunity.
    But instead of make of this place a cultural center as always expensive condos come to the mind of the investors…i can really show your how bad investment is this in profits….by the way i never be in Ny.
    I just study this city from 1986 when graffiti change my life and i decide to lear n the most i can to leave my roots on a Slum in Montevideo Uruguay….till i have the opportunity of work with people at high levels from Ny and assist to talks from Artists like Christo.
    Believe me Mr Condo Builder..you are loosing money.

  54. S

    “The developers have also agreed to offer the 5 Pointz graffiti group the opportunity to curate the nearly 10,000 square feet of art panels & walls in the building.”

    Oh, so the art will be private, for (mostly) wealthy people to enjoy…as opposed to art that everybody can see for free from the train. Fuck this shit and fuck city council.

  55. Frank

    Ax One is NOT a train bomber. Anyone who appreciates graf or graffiti is not in favor of the destruction of their culture for a profit.

    Graf lovers should not be grateful or anything a private owner did. But I understand the desire to sell and make money off of your “investment.”It’

  56. LOg

    I started do dance and live the HH culture about 5 years ago,im from europe and i was planing to come next years to see it,the money will destroy this world and the culture as the story aswell….

  57. The NYC Vidit

    @Frank: “Understand” feels weird saying, gives some odd form of legitimacy; comprehend (maybe) the financial factors at play and it makes my skin crawl.

    I also don’t know how to express the disappointment, but thought we’d hear more noise from those part of the culture – a greater sense that this shouldn’t happen.

    Maybe I’m too sentimental of back when a metropolis was covered in graffiti, colorful subway lines w/ local personality, and riding in between cars in the summer across the boroughs.

    May hap I’m an idiot; but this old kid from the Boogie Down, that remembers when the Bridge Ended and a man Ladies Love took down a Kool elder, is terribly upset. So much damn history there. FFS

  58. The NYC Vidit

    You know, I feel like being an arse.

    How about we start picking some landmarks,

    * Old Quaker Meeting House
    * Mount fraking Rushmore
    * The San Jose Church
    * Fairbanks House
    * Newport Tower
    * James Blake House
    * Fort Niagara

    TEAR THEM ALL DOWN! Throw up some fancy modern real estate and we’ll dedicate a remote hall to the landmark. “MOAR” Profit. We get revenue from a hiked up irrational rent from being on a landmark (New Silicon Valley baby, or wait a neo-Tokyo Williamsburg) AND revenue from silly tourists that still think they are experiencing the textile feel of the place.

    Win for all!

    Frak this noise.

  59. Juicebox

    As the Hip Hop culture grew since 1970s, the 4 elements of hip hop are bboying, djing, mcing, and graffiti.

    Alot people say that they know what Hip Hop is and only think of Lil Wayne and Drake kind of shit.
    F*ck that shit. If you don’t the 4 elements and act like you know what you are talking about…just shut it.
    There wouldnt be rappers if there were no bboys or the 4 elements of hiphop.
    NYC is tearing down a place where a culture became a worldwide influence. Who said graffiti is illegal? Why does it represent poverty?

    To Mark, I swear that there are graffiti artists that richer than you.
    Graffiti, or Hip Hop itself is an icon for self expression. This culture started in the ghetto and developed worldwide.
    Can you explain to me why this is hoodlum? Why this represents poverty?
    You calling me a hipster? Fine like i gave a fuck….But what i really care is that as time passes by, people are trying to get hold of this culture rather than sharing it to the ones who really need it. This culture is God’s last chance to unite all race, differences, etc. in the name of love and respect. I don’t care if this comment is gonna be taken down or be reported. Im telling what the NYC Council is doing. They are sure killing Hip Hop, a culture that inspired everyone worldwide. NYC Council is fucking up seriously.

    My last message to Mark……We Dont Give A Fuck if this is an icon of poverty, I dont give more fuck if this is like a hipster or ish. People like you……truly dont appreciate what real art is. Artists know what real art is. This place has been representing NYC big worldwide. This place symbolizes our struggle, love, and respect for a culture that can unite all race and religion with respect and love.

    Mark…..people like you destroy Hip Hop so I hope this shuts your fuckin big mouth.

    I’m done here. Peace and love and respect to the pioneers and legends for the Real Hip Hop culture.

    5POINTZ will persevere.

  60. George Krassas

    May the host of Biggie Smallz forever haunt the new tenants.

  61. Flowrex

    I understand that this land has been bought and it is the owners prerogative to do what they will with their property and this is a business desicion where they need to see a return.

    It is still really unfortunate though that they either understand the significance of the site world wide, have under estimated it’s importance or actually as I suspect the graff just doesn’t have the same value to them.

    The site is in my mind a world heritage site of modern times and represents the most powerful culture in today’s society for all of the people and races it has connected worldwide through art (something spoken about more by alien ness the famous New York Bboy) I totally agree with his viewpoint on how it has changed the world, it connects more people than government and national multicultural initiatives on the basis that we connect through art from our own choice and we choose to partake in this cross culture/cross race, age, sex, creed platform through our own initiative and love for what we do, peace, love,unity and having fun.

    Hip hop is one of New York’s and America’s gift to the world and this site in particular is a Mecca and a beacon for world travellers who attend pilgrimages to New York (I do it annually) to birthplace of a culture which has connected us all and given many of us a voice and outlet for art.

    Whilst occupying Wall Street meant a lot to people occupy 5 pointz would not be a bad thing to attempt, continuos graff, breaking, dj’s and mc’s. Isn’t there a way to have squatters rights in the USA.

    Anyway sorry for going on so much it’s just a shame to see in this day and age that our art whilst used by commercial brands and governments as a vehicle for their messages to the hip hop generations the same brands and government do not have our back on this, it shows that their apparent interest is actually more of a superficial interest time limited to the amount of control or money they can derive from it. Everyone using our art for their own means commercially should be getting involved and having our back in this one. I wonder whether anyone will interject?

  62. Attila_the_Pun

    Just what we need, another ugly high rise blocking out the sky.

  63. Guest


    The design you have now is embarrassing and subpar.

  64. Goose

    I would hope that PS-1 Being right down the street would be taking some of those panels off of the building with the Artwork.
    These could easily be transported to different locations and nearby city parks. God knows there are plenty of art spaces and old warehouse buildings in LIC that are out of use There are also plenty of art locations these could be housed fore everyone to see. . Like Socrates Sculpture Park, Reiny Park , Gantry Plaza

  65. SirPreiss

    I’m from Germany and visited NY in September 2013. Witnessing 5Pointz was awesome to me and one of the greatest moments ever.

    Here in Germany graffiti is apprechiated as art. In New York – the cradle of graffiti art – I soon got the feeling this appreciation is gone everywhere. But at 5Pointz the spirit was still alive.

    For those who understand German here’s an article I wrote about it:

    I hope 5Pointz will live on in any other form. The former idea of a graffiti museum should still be an option.


  66. Karen Ng

    Agreeing with the comments above. Buiilding another soul less skyrise means NYC loses a landmark that makes new york city the place it is! Regardless of what you “let” them curate or good intentions to provide “affordable” housing or artist studios (c’mon who are they kidding!) These realtors and politicians are only seeing short term dollar signs and ignoring a piece of history that people from all over the world come to see! (Im from New Zealand and came to NYC because it is the birthplace of Hip Hop). 5 Pointz carries an important cultural LEGACY of Hip Hop, one which has united artists, dancers and musicians from all nations and cultures!

    Long Term LIC can make more money from preserving the history and culture of what makes this an important historical place, highlighting and restoring art and culture rather than “modernising” everything so that one city is indistinguishable from the next. There will no longer be a reason for me to bring/recommend ANYONE to go to LIC!

    I hope the “new” building gets graf all over it…. its so ugly anyway, you can tell they just wanna make a quick dollar out of the expense of an iconic monument.

  67. Nydia

    There are ENOUGH condos and expensive places to live in NY. LEAVE 5PTZ ALONE!!!!!

  68. Attila_the_Pun

    The politicians have been bought off.

  69. Dumer

    I can certainly understand the sadness and outrage felt by the hip hop community at the loss of a cultural icon, but some points:

    1. There’s no active intention to shut down/break/what-have-you the hip hop culture here. If there were, a more effective way to do so would be for outlets such as iTunes and record labels to simply drop hip hop music and for Hollywood to stop producing movies like Step Up and such.

    2. As many have pointed out, this simply is a money-making move. No more, no less.

    3. Hoping that the property owner leave it alone in the interest of cultural preservation is a pipe dream if he bought it for millions. A better solution would have seen the richer members of the hip hop community buy the property for themselves and maintained it as-is for the preservation of the culture’s history. Hip hop has made many individuals very wealthy, so I’m not sure why they didn’t step in to save 5 Pointz. They probably still can, with the right offer to the owner (seriously, Jay-Z can buy it on his own).

    4. That the community has forced the owner’s hand to provide more affordable units and a bigger artists’ space can already be seen as victories, considering that even a celebrity-tweeted petition to save 5 Pointz failed to garner the 50,000 signatures it was seeking.

    5. At the very least, people should ask that a whole wall section be preserved and moved elsewhere for preservation purposes. Even if the original building is long gone, part of it still lives on and preserved. Or if that’s not possible, take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. So future generations would still have a remembrance of 5 Pointz.

    Personally, I’m sad to see it go. I haven’t the money yet to visit 5 Pointz, but I was planning to go.

  70. Dumer

    “Sickened by This Betrayal”: Your comment doesn’t make any sense. The property owner would’ve allowed the artists to keep doing what they do and kept 5 Pointz alive if those artists of yours actually brought in financial value to the owner. No right-minded businessman would tear down something that brings them solid profit margins.

    I won’t argue that those artists brought in cultural value (they did, and they’re great artists), but I have to question the financial value they put in.

  71. Really?

    I am truly amazed at the ignorance of some people here. Those that oppose allowing someone who owns a property to exercise their right to do with their own building is insane. The building is of zero historical value or it would have been land marked like so many other buildings in the city. It is a regular warehouse that the owners allowed people to spray paint. This was very cool of them to allow that. So now they deserve to be harassed when they want to exercise their right to do what they want with their own property?

    That really moronic!!!!

  72. Really?

    Those that oppose allowing someone who owns a property to exercise their right to do what they please, with their own building is insane

  73. Mari Lyn

    Please sign my petition to stop the demolition of 5 pointz!!!


  74. Banvir Chaudhary

    Most of you morons will love to live in those condos or have a studio.
    This is a knee jerk reaction of people who do not take responsibility for the city to function. It is the working stiffs who make it possible for artistic type to live. Any thoughts?

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Latest News

Paragon Paint Development Hits Roadblock At CB 2
February 5, By Christian Murray
Community Board 2 voted last night against granting the developers of the Paragon Paint building the variance they need to construct a 28-story tower and two other large buildings on Vernon Boulevard. The developers need a zoning variance in order to build 344 rental apartments over the Paragon Paint factory,…
Council Gives Itself 32% Pay Raise, Supported by Western Queens Councilmembers
February 5, By Jackie Strawbridge
The City Council voted overwhelmingly to give themselves a 32 percent pay raise on Friday, bringing their salaries from $112,500 to $148,500. Council Members voted 40 to 7 in approval of the pay raises.…
Fitness Studio On Jackson Avenue to Close As Wrecking Ball Nears
  February 4, By Christian Murray
PNT Group Fitness & Cycling, which has been offering group cardio classes on Jackson Avenue for the past five years, is closing. Tara Faye, the owner of the popular cycling studio located at 10-68 Jackson Avenue,…
Mayor Plans Streetcar System Linking Queens and Brooklyn
February 4, By Christian Murray
Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to construct a 16-mile street car system that would service the Brooklyn and Queens communities located along the East River. The plan, which would cost about $2.5 billion, is expected to be announced during de Blasio's State of the City Speech tonight.…
Shannon Pot to be bulldozed again
February 3, Staff Report
They just can't escape Long Island City's real estate frenzy. Two years after the Shannon Pot was forced to relocate due to development, plans for an apartment building over its Court Square property were filed with the City.…
SacredWaters Spa And Meditation Shop Opens On 51st Ave
February 2, By Michael Florio
A new herbal shop offering meditation, facials and a holistic spa opened recently in Long Island City. SacredWaters, located in the former elska space at 5-35 51st Ave., opened its doors to the public on Dec.…
Man Gets Into Argument On E Train, Hits Rider In The Face With Stick
February 2, Staff Report
A man was struck in the face with a wooden stick after getting into an argument with the perpetrator on the Queens-bound E-Train at Jackson Avenue and Queens Blvd, police said. The victim was allegedly assaulted at 7:15 pm on Thursday,…
David’s Barbershop On Vernon Blvd Closes, Nail Salon To Occupy Space
February 2, By Christian Murray
A well-known barbershop on Vernon Boulevard closed Sunday and the space will soon be occupied by a nail salon. David’s Haircutters, located at 47-44 Vernon Boulevard, has shut down after being on the main strip for more than two decades.…
Uber Drivers Rally In LIC To Protest Fare Cuts
February 1, By Michael Florio
Hundreds of Uber drivers gathered today in front of the company’s office in Long Island City to protest a recent cut in fares. Uber, the popular car service app, slashed fares by 15 percent on Friday to combat a post-holiday slow season.…


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City council gives itself 32 percent pay raise, supported by western Queens councilmembers ... See MoreSee Less

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Colombian Themed Burger Restaurant Opens On Northern Blvd ... See MoreSee Less

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Sewerage from Astoria Pool Facilities Has Flowed Into East River for Decades ... See MoreSee Less

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Astoria Park Amphitheater Too Expensive to Build All at Once, Project Will Be Built into Stages ... See MoreSee Less

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Voting schedule for participatory budgeting released ... See MoreSee Less

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Mayor Plans Streetcar System linking Queens to Brooklyn ... See MoreSee Less

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Man sought by police after grabbing woman's buttocks on 7 train ... See MoreSee Less

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Best Buy Repairman finds Child Porn on Customer Computer, Customer About to Get Prison Time ... See MoreSee Less

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Police seek three men allegedly involved in debit card scam ... See MoreSee Less

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Notoriously Smelly Bowery Bay To Get Pollution Reduction Project ... See MoreSee Less

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Dollar Tree Takes Over From Deals ... See MoreSee Less

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Dollar Tree Sprouts On Queens Boulevard, Replaces Deals ... See MoreSee Less

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Police Officer Arrested for Hit-and-run involving 13-year-old ... See MoreSee Less

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Brother Crepe Opens On 30th Ave With Cone-Shaped Eats ... See MoreSee Less

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Q70 Bus To LGA Will Increase Service Starting This Spring ... See MoreSee Less

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New Concept From Queens Comfort Owners Slated Near Ditmars Blvd/31st St ... See MoreSee Less

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OT Lounge Listed For Sale After A Rocky Stint On Queens Blvd ... See MoreSee Less

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Queens Boulevard property to get three additional stories ... See MoreSee Less

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Man Gets Into Argument On E Train, Hits Rider In The Face With Stick
February 2, Staff Report
A man was struck in the face with a wooden stick after getting into an argument with the perpetrator on the Queens-bound E-Train at Jackson Avenue and Queens Blvd, police said. The victim was allegedly assaulted at 7:15 pm on Thursday,…
David’s Barbershop On Vernon Blvd Closes, Nail Salon To Occupy Space
February 2, By Christian Murray
A well-known barbershop on Vernon Boulevard closed Sunday and the space will soon be occupied by a nail salon. David’s Haircutters, located at 47-44 Vernon Boulevard, has shut down after being on the main strip for more than two decades.…
Uber Drivers Rally In LIC To Protest Fare Cuts
February 1, By Michael Florio
Hundreds of Uber drivers gathered today in front of the company’s office in Long Island City to protest a recent cut in fares. Uber, the popular car service app, slashed fares by 15 percent on Friday to combat a post-holiday slow season.…
LIC To Get $40M In Street And Infrastructure Upgrades
February 1, By Christian Murray
The Long Island City/Hunters Point area is about to get a $40 million infrastructure and roadway upgrade through funding allocated by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Most of the roadways in the Hunters Point area have not been reconstructed since the beginning of the 20th Century,…
Polo Ralph Lauren Moving To LIC: Report
January 29, Staff Report
A major clothing line will now be a tenant in Long Island City. Polo Ralph Lauren has signed a lease to take over 19,000 square feet on a lower level floor in The Factory, located at 30-30 47th Ave.,…
Van Bramer issues report card: Visibility and Social Media are key to his results
January 28, By Christian Murray
It’s 6:30 am and the notoriously bad 7 train is down. The MTA says it’s signal problems. “My phone blows up, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, it’s all going crazy,” recalls Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer. “People are waiting for the train,…
Rockaway Brewing Co Partners With Brooklyn Butcher For New Beer And Tasting Event
January 26, By Michael Florio
Rockaway Brewing Co. will celebrate a limited release of its new “Meat in the Middle” beer this weekend. The brewery, located at 46-01 5th St., will host a gathering on Saturday from 1 p.m.…
Coffeed To Open New LIC Facility With Rooftop Farm, As Its New York Expansion Continues
January 26, By Christian Murray
Frank Raffaele, the CEO and founder of the Long Island City-based coffee chain Coffeed, is a familiar face in the neighborhood, often serving drinks or clearing tables at his Hunters Point South Park café location,…
Paragon Paint Development Draws Concerns Over Height, Though Park And Cleanup Are Commended
January 25, By Christian Murray
Plans for the Paragon Paint factory drew mixed reactions from locals during a presentation that developers held last Wednesday in their effort to win over Community Board 2. The developers seek a zoning variance in order to build 344 rental apartments over the Paragon Paint factory,…
Mayor Visits Western Queens After Disappointing Storm Response In The Borough
January 25, By Michael Florio
Mayor Bill de Blasio visited western Queens Monday morning following statements that he was not satisfied with cleanup efforts here during Winter Storm Jonas. During a press conference on Sunday, the Mayor said that the City did not do a good enough job clearing the streets in Queens.…
7 Train to Shutdown at 4:00 PM for Winter Storm Jonas
January 23, Staff Report
The New York City Transit Authority and the MTA jointly announced that all above ground and elevated subway lines, including the 7 line, will begin shutting down at 4:00 pm today, with limited underground trains running.…
7 Train To Follow Normal Schedule This Weekend, Scheduled Track Work Canceled
January 22, Staff Report
With a snowstorm expected to hit New York City, the MTA has canceled its 7 train work this weekend and the train will follow its normal schedule. This weekend was supposed to be the first of eight weekends this year when the 7 train would be down between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square in order for the MTA to replace its decades-old signaling system and put down new tracks.…
Army Navy Store for Rent, Owner Doesn’t Want Nail Salons or Hair Stylists as Tenants
January 22, By Christian Murray
A prime Vernon Blvd location is about to get a new lease on life. The Delta Force Army Navy store, which has been located at 49-10 Vernon Blvd for about 25 years, has officially closed and is for rent.  …
Three schools likely to open in Long Island City, as mayor allocates $200 million for district schools
January 21, By Christian Murray
Mayor Bill de Blasio has set aside funds for three new schools in Long Island City, according to Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer. The mayor released his 2017 preliminary budget today, which allocates $200 million for schools in Long Island City and Woodside.…
Internet-Famous Cat Lil BUB To Visit Museum Of The Moving Image
January 20, Staff Report
Long Island City residents have the opportunity to meet an Internet sensation this month. Lil BUB, the cat that took the Internet by storm with her big eyes and dangling tongue, will make an appearance at the Museum of the Moving Image on Jan.…
LIC Flea & Food to return for fourth season this April
January 19, By Michael Florio
The LIC Flea & Food market will be returning for a fourth season this April. The flea will open on April 9 and will run ever Saturday and Sunday through October. The flea takes place on an empty lot at the corner of Fifth Street and 46th Avenue,…

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