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State publication declares Van Bramer a winner following his ethical response to bribe

Jimmy Van Bramer

Jimmy Van Bramer

Jimmy Van Bramer was declared a winner last week.

City and State, a website for New York’s political chattering classes, listed him a political “winner” based on his response to a bribe offered to him by a Long Island City businessman.

“When the owner of an indoor rock-climbing center in Queens offered Councilman Van Bramer free use of his facility for fundraisers and access to a list of his company’s Facebook friends in exchange for making a stop-work order he had received for doing illegal construction go away, Van Bramer not only refused to accept, he went to the Department of Investigation. Soon after, DOI ran a sting operation that allegedly caught the businessman red-handed. Many politicians claim they would turn in someone who approached them with a bribe, but Van Bramer is the rare elected to actually demonstrate his integrity.”

The losers were listed as Vito Lopez and Sheldon Silver.

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  1. Too bad he won’t run for Mayor………….

  2. I suggest the headline and URLs for this story say “….bribe attempt” because right now it’s a bit misleading.

  3. What was this rockclimber guy thinking.

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